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GPS for a newbie RVer

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Just returned from our first outing with the Garmin 465T. It worked just fine! Height restriction, road restrictions, lane usage and truck prohibitions. I'm certainly glad that we bought it, as it provides more info that my previous Nuvi that was about one year old (and our daughter now enjoys).

We'll be going through New England next couple of weeks, and I know that there are truck restricted roads in the north east, so I look for it to help there as well.

Doc Mike

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Hay Doc Mike...... If you go to Maine you gotta go to ''BAAH' HABBAH''. As you get close to the Acadia national

park watch for a little

'''joint'' on the rite side of the road. Its painted white with tables outside with things that look like ''trash cans'' with fire under them. This is where they cook your ''BUG and it is a good ''LABSTAH'' place. You can eat inside or outside and you ''pick your own bug'' and they cook it for you. I cant remember the name but you will see it. It is very informal and the ''bugs'' are really fresh and very good.

It actually looks like an old filling station that has been converted into a place to eat ''LABSTAH''....... Willa and I ate there several times and I had a ''BUG'' that filled the pan they normally serve two ''LABSTAH'S'' in ..... Enjoy....

Seajay the sailor man

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I am using CoPilot Live, the version i have runs on a PC, the GPS receiver is a small unit that connects via a USB port.

The software was created by one of the main players in the trucking industry, ALK Technologies, http://www.alk.com.

In addition to being able set for fastest or shortest routes you can also tell it you are an RV, select from a list of heights, 13' for me, and whether you carry propane (haz mat restrictions) then it takes all that into account when it plans the route.

I use my laptop for everything including email/web surfing while on the road (love that PCMCIA Broadband card). And the CoPilot software allows you to get on-the-fly traffic updates, and my favorite feature is being able to invite people to watch your progress on the road via a web page. It will even let you and the people you invite send text messages along the way.

My mother sent us one after my sons wedding that said something to the affect that I never call but at least she knows where I am. And a friend likes to point out special POI along our routes, did you know that there really is a two story outhouse and that you can get canned armadillo?

I put my laptop on the center console with a rubber pot holder as an anti skid mat. Gives me a large screen to see, its tough getting old, and safety mode which just gives you a blue screen with BIG text and arrows while traveling at high speed. As you come up on a turn it switches to map mode.

Hope all this helps, happy trails.


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I am not a newbie Rv'er and I have had a GPS for quite a while. I currently have a Lowrance IWay 600...unfortunately, I am on my third replacement unit.

I am not happy with this GPS but my husband wanted a large screen and at the time that I purchased the original this was the largest screen.

I have had nothing but trouble with all the units...

My question to longtime GPS users is "have you experienced problems with your units being out in the sun/heat for long periods of time on the road?"...

Living and traveling all around FLA we are always hot pretty much of the time and after a couple of hours sitting on the dash while traveling I am experiencing problems.

I enjoyed reading about the various GPS units that ya'll are using...especially the Garmin 465T.

Eventually I am going to buy a new one as I am disgusted with the Lowrance. I will give the 465T a hard look.

And yes, you definitely need to have a good road atlas when traveling as well as the "Next Exit" book.

Thank you.


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Welcome to SeeLevel!

I have spent a great deal of time over the last 10 years setting op our nav systems. Being a geek, it is sort of a hobby and need given the type of coach we drive.

TomTom has a forum like this one where people have developed third party alerts. There are a few that are setup for clearances. We have one that has tested well for main highways, but is not good for off-highway clearances.

The best software I have found for clearances is CoPilot Truck 11. Here is the link. http://www.alk.com/copilot/truck-laptop.asp It is set for 13'6" like the TomTom alert. When hooked to the internet, is also does traffic alerts from DOT sites. It also has remote routing and tracking capability over the internet. We use it with a UMPC that is wireless to the gps and to our onboard WiFi router.

All said, I never leave without my up-to-date Motor Carrier Atlas. Available from all truck stops, it has pages of actual low clearances with actual height restrictions.

Hope this helps


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