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Long Term Parking Question

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I think your main concerns will be your tires, for long term parking.

We did have a problem once with a tree branch dipping down after a rain, getting on our awning from the weight of the water, and then allowing water to run into the coach. So, watch out for trees.

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Quote "I would also use some light lubricant on the jacks exposed cylinders to prevent corrosion the jacks are left down for a really long time"

Good idea to use a light lubricant to prevent corrosion on the jack cylinder rods, but keep in mind that the lubricant attracts dust and dust can damage cylinder seals. Especially when parked for an extended time, or a short time in dusty conditions, it is a good idea to wipe off the exposed cylinder rods with a clean cloth and WD 40 or something similar. This will clean the rod and help prevent damage to the seals.

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