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Hi, from Charlotte, N.C.

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Hi there, everyone.

We've shared words on another topic before, about GPS units and Marines.

My wife,Carol, and I are retired and fairly new residents in an adult community near Charlotte, NC. We've had our Class C Itasca Spirit motorhome for almost a year, and had a Class B Pleasure Way for about one year before that ... wanted more space.

Our Portuguese water Dog usually travels with us. We tow 4-down an 2009 Honda CR-V, which is our only car. It gets very good gas mileage and I'm considering using it to tow the coach, which as you all know, gets very bad gas mileage.

We spent several days last September on the Outer Banks, and loved that steamed and seasoned shrimp that was readily available in the local shops. Next month we hope to take a trip to Maine, having returned last week from a two-week sojourn to San Antonio to see our eldest grandson graduate from Air Force boot camp. As a former USN member I was, as one might expect, crushed. He has to do what's right for him, though.

We look forward to learning and sharing as we travel. Perhaps we'll meet one day.

Doc Mike

Former HM1(E-6)/USN

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