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Northern Detroit Suburbs To Yellowstone: Route Suggestions Please


We want to travel to Yellowstone from our Oakland County, Michigan home in our Class B Roadtrek and can go the first week of July or, as currently planned, the second week of August. We have 18-20 days that we can be gone.

My first question is... which time would be the best to avoid large crowds. We're thinking August because that's late in the summer and a lot of families will be getting ready for school. But we're flexible.

We'd like to see the Bad Lands on the way out, and would prefer a different route on the return.

Before I try to plot it out, thought I'd check here for the collective wisdom of the forum. Would like suggested daily drives, roads, campgrounds and attractions to see, as well as where to stay in Yellowstone.

I'd like to do no more than 350 to 400 miles a day so we can enjoy the places we overnight.

Looking forward to the replies so I can get busy planning.

Thanks in advance!

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I would take 80W until you get into the Omaha, NE area and take 29N to Sioux Falls, SD. 90W will now put you on track to visit the Corn Palace in Mitchell, the Badlands, Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, (maybe a quick side trip to Deadwood, SD) Devils Tower, Cody, WY and then into Yellowstone from the East Entrance.

If you don't care about Cody, WY (and a bit of a windy road to get there) you can follow 90 around to 94 and come into the park from the N. There is one full hookup campground in the park (Fishing Bridge) and several dry camping locations.

There is a park outside the West gates in W. Yellowstone but I would recommend staying in that park and moving the RV to various sites making exploring the huge expanse of this park easier. Hopefully, you have allowed plenty of time as you will have 6-7 days worth of driving plus lots lot of time to explore just to reach the park.

Assuming you have plenty of time I would leave out of the park to the South to visit the Tetons. This would allow you to drop down and pick up 80E through Cheyenne. You can then continue on to North Platte, NE and visit the Golden Spike tower over looking the UP rail yards. http://www.goldenspi...om/TheTower.php .

You will want to stop in Kearney, NE and visit http://www.archway.org/ . It is built across the Interstate and is a very interesting over view of the pioneers life and travels.

That's about a 3500 mile trip with lots to do and lots of sightseeing so be sure you have enough time.

As to when to go, you certainly want to wait until the kids are back in school as the park can be quite crowded during the Summer. I recommend that the later you can wait the better. It gets cool quickly in that area but cooler is better than hot as the wildlife will come back out of hiding once the weather cools down. I would prefer Sept. over Aug. but you have to like cooler weather as average temps drop from the 70's into the 60's. Despite the averages, it can get quite warm in the park in July and Aug. It could also snow in Sept but that would only be a blessing.

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