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Freedom 458 Series Inverter/Charger (2000w)

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Hugh, the forum does limit the number of pictures. Only option that might work is to remove the one you have posted in your prior posts and see if you can then attach some additional pictures.

I have copied the ones you attached to this point, so it will not hurt what I have access to.

Got to see if there is an option, like having a technical photo file section created on the forum.

I have maxed out my limit also and hate to remove them from the threads.

I did create a photo gallery for repairing and alternator problems, but it is difficult to find unless one uses the link on my thread.

Looking at the images you have attached, I still do not have a clear one of the buttons, and how they might be attached the the board that needs to be moved to replace the defective fuse.

From what you have attached it looks like there are board edge connectors that pass through one board and are soldered into a board directly under one or two other boards.

Thinks are never simple at times. 40 plus years of building, assembling, disassembling and repairing items has been a challenge for sure !!

We might have to try Skype, if mine will work and you have a movable camera. Got to be a way !!!


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