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HWH Leveler Noise, Jacks Won't Go Down

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I have a '97 Allegro Bay 35' Chevy. I've had this for 6 years and this problem started last year. This is an intermittant problem.

When I turn the engine off there is a whine coming from the jack motor.

First... original problem was, when I tried to use jacks the red light comes on telling me it's not in park. I have a joy stick type box.

After jocking back in forth from park to reverse & neutral, reverse park reverse, park, the light goes off and the jacks work.

This has happened 5 times out of maybe 15-20 uses. Sometimes, I just put in park w/engine running and turn jacks on, flop the front & rear release handles, and then use the joy stick to use & level the jacks. The yellow lights telling me about unlevel on the joystick box work fine.

Now on 4 occasions ... not the occasions that the jack red light came on - I wasn't even trying to use the jacks, just when stopping the RV.. say for gas, or groceries.. nothing to do with rasing / lowering the jacks. When I turn the engine off there is a whine coming from the jack motor. I was told to

turn the engine back on, while in park try to use the jacks... the red light is on (vehicle not in park)... jocky again .. it goes off. Turn engine off . Twice had to repleat this. Twice the whine went away.

Another issue not sure if it's related or not, but when backing up sometimes.. say one in 20 times, the tranny seems to lock, first I thought I hit something, but wasnt the issue. Have to gun the engine to get it to go back. I have had some success with doing the park, reverse, neutral drive reverse.. Then no issue for a long time.. tranny fluid is fine. happened before and after had filter & fluid changed. This was checked out by two shops.. on said it was some type of solenoid or part on tranny, other shop said their are two gears in drive shaft from steering area are not engaging. like interlocking spockets that are probably worn. Both of these fixes are in the $500-700 range to fix. Neither shop could tell me if this had anything to do with the jack issue.

I was on a 5 wk. 4000 mile trip and longest stay was 4 nites. used jacks & reverse often. Had 3 reverse issues and 3 jack issues total at diff times.

The reverse issue appeared first 2011 Sept., jacks had issue coming out of storage in April 2012.

RV service couldn't get jacks to act up or whine. They said everything was OK.

I'm frustrated as any ... non-mechanical gramma would be.

Thanks for the input, suggestions.

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Have not looked into the jack issue, There might be a connection. Have you set any codes or checked for any codes?

The transmission would be a 4L80E. This transmission gets information from the ECU and sends information to the ECU.

The throttle position sensor could be out of adjustment. Transmission Control solenoid issue. Vacuum module issue. Transmission speed sensor issue ??

I need to look and see if I have any information indicating that there is information shared between the ECU and the jack system.

Not a lot of help, just some preliminary thoughts.


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You may need to check the shift cable adjustment and the shift cable for free operation and adjustment. Adjustment is made at the transmission clevis (G) for positive detent engagement.

Neutral and park position checked. Any problem at times starting the engine? Shift cable number 15644393,but it might be a different.

The shift cable (cable assembly F) connects to a D link at the steering column. Some set ups have a rod connected at this D link, referred as CP7 rod assembly.

I do not have any information connecting this link to the HWH system or any wiring connections in the information I have.

A call to HWH with any information might be helpful.

Power train Control Module (PCM) or a Transmission Control Module (TCM) on some applications. They control the Electronic transmission shift points.

These unit process information and send output signals to the solenoids located in the control valve assembly. The solenoids control the transmission operating pressure for upshift and downshift patterns and reverse. Also controls the torque converter clutch (TCC) operation.

The valve body assembly has 2 shift force motors to control the shift points and reverse.

The solenoid for the Pulse width modulator (PWM), controls the TCC.

The Variable force motor. This controls the force of each shift, the feeling the driver senses on each shift of the transmission.

There are 2 speed sensors in the transmission (mounted on the outside of the trans case)


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