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Need Advice - On Purchase Of Newmar 4035

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Hello all,

We are in the process of shopping for our first RV - we plan to start full-timing in 2015. I've been searching for a 40' or less DP MH. We ae certainly still learning and to learn, so far we've attended a couple RV shows, listened to a bunch of pod-casts and read a few books. We have a list of "likes" and a few "must-haves". We've narrowed down the manufacturers we like so far and Newmar is on the list of "likes".

I'm hoping this community might be able to help me make a better decision...and I have three basic questions.

First my situation. Through a friend of a friend we've located a 2007 DutchStar 4035 coach with a 400HP Cummins and less than 14000 miles on it. The MH is not near me, its about 200 miles away. It belonged to an older gentleman that past away this past Spring. The family now has it. They claim to have a clear title. The "think" everything is functional. They said they have the original Manuals and the "window sticker" listing all the equipment and MSRP. They don't know if its ever been serviced. They have provided me some pictures, it looks very nice.

I plan to travel there this week to look at it, and take a friend along that is more of an RV'er than I - however, he's more of a 5th wheeler. I've been unable to locate a reputable RV mechanic in the area, so at least initially, I'll be doing the best that I can...

So my questions:

1. Are there any specific things I should be certain to inspect closely? Such as recalls, quirks, problem areas, optional equipment that is noteworthy? Roof problems? Drive train issues? Electrical defects? Or anything else I might otherwise be overlooking?

2. I'm going to assume everything will need serviced, such as the diesel engine, the hydronic heat, the batteries and tires replaced, and I'm guessing a few other things I'm unaware of. And I have no idea of the cost of these services... so what am I forgetting? Any idea on the costs?

3. Last question - Does Newmar keep track of services? If I was call them with the VIN number could they tell me anything about the coach? Can a dealer determine the engine status if the connect the coach to their systems?

TIA for any and all assistance. Truly appreciate the assistance and input.

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Newmar is a good choice. I've toured over a dozen factories and I think that Newmar is on top. A major portion of their work force is Amish and their work ethic is second to none.

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I agree Newmar is a top line manufacture of quality motor homes. We are full timers who are on our second Newmar Dutch Star and have loved both of them. A 2007 coach with only 1400 miles on it brings a little concern because it has not been used much.

I would look at it in person and then ask to have the engine and transmission looked at by a good mechanic shop. If there is a Cummins dealer in the area that would be a good choice. Ask them to change the oil and filters at the same time. If all of the chassis equipment is in good shape the next step would be making sure all of the house equipment is functioning. That would be the air conditioners, fridge, water heater, heaters, and microwave. Look for stains in the ceiling as that is an indication of roof leakage. If all is well there you should have a good coach.

Good Luck

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Unlress there has been damage the roof is not a worry. The Brite-Tek roof has a 12 year waranty. My coach is 10 years old now and still looks like new. Inside storage is great for keeping somethiing looking new.

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Newmar does keep track of warranty or recall service but not maintenance services. I learned this when we bought our Dutch Star. I emailed their customer service dept with the VIN to inquire as to our MH. Ours is an older unit which was purchased without knowing it's history (other than it had only one prior owner). I had oil/filters changed prior to picking it up. We have a Caterpillar engine in a Freightliner chassis and I had Freightliner hook up their scanner which could identify any current or past issues. It did identify an overheat condition many years ago which Newmar was able to tell me was corrected. Other than that my unit had a clean history.

We've made 2 long trips (one of 2,200 miles and one of 1,900 miles) and it has been great. It drives better than I expected a 38 foot home on wheels to drive and is very comfortable. As previously stated they are solid and well made with good quality components. I can't imagine having any serious problems with a coach that has only gone 14K miles. I would take it for a drive and any serious trouble should make itself evident. If the drivetrain is in good shape the house items (heat,AC,refrig,etc) can be checked individually. Six year old batteries that have sat unused should be load tested and might need replacement soon. Cost vary according to size and quality. It's well worth spending the money on batteries. Tires for our coach (I've replaced 2) were around $ 500 each, installed.

The DS is a great coach. Good luck

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Well thought I'd post a quick update on this MH.

The Mrs. and I made a quick dash to go look at the home, just to see if it was even one we should consider.

We determined that it has been driven, and serviced, most recently June of 2010, and its had 500 miles put on it since June of 2010. It had warranty service at NEWMAR in early 2007, for the rear mudflap (HULA SKIRT). Other than that, no records with any local NEWMAR, SPARTAN nor CUMMINS dealers.

We also determined that the previous owners were not the meticulous type. Nor were they clean freaks... sad.gif

The RV looks like it might have been someones "home-when-not-away-from-home" or a wayward son-in-laws pad?? Who knows.

Bottom line:


1. It needs a major major scrubbing on the interior.

2. It needs some minor roof maintenance (has the upgraded fiberglass roof).

3. It might need the carpet replaced, and perhaps the tile.

4. The basement needs slideout trays.

5. The hydronic heat is a question mark??

6. The dining table looks like someone with cufflinks sat at it...(its worn)

7. Coach batteries are corroded and leaked a little.

8. What appears to be the only evidence of a roof leak above the drivers cockpit on the window valance...its minor.


1. Engine starts & sounds fine.

2. Generator starts and seems fine.

3. Engine Maintenance was done

4. MH has been driven some, although not a lot.

5. Other than the table the rest of the interior furniture seem fine (needs cleaned).

6. All the manuals seem to be there.

7. Did not find and body damage.

8. Did not see any damage underneath.

9. Generally we like the basic floor plan.

We might return for further investigation... meanwhile we need to:

1. Determine what a flooring/upgrade will cost us.

2. Ascertain what the MH is really worth in its current condition.

3. Ascertain what its worth once refurbished.

4. What would a MH warranty cost us and how exactly they are implemented.

BOTTOM-Line - Is it worth the effort? Assuming we can buy it at a BARGAIN?

Thanks for any advice or input. thumb.gif

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Pay to run the VIN and see what the history of the RV has been. Make sure there is not an unusual break in the sequence of title holder when it shows the mileage. I ran into this recently and the dumb *** seller (a small dealer) didn't have a clue what was going on or didn't care to find out. I just bought a beautiful 2002 Newmar Mountain Aire 3778, single owner with 40000 miles on it. Lucked into a "cream puff" and love the unit. Definitely hire a RV Tech to go over the unit top to bottom with a comprehensive checklist. This will be way above the joke of an inspection that I got from a dealership that has the initials CW. This inspection is NOT going to be a chassis inspection, looking at the engine, drive train, etc. You will have to pay more to a Certified Inspector at a reputable RV dealership. Check out their prices first and what is the scope of the inspection and make them show you the checklist. Your initial inspection is going to pick up roof leaks, neglect, etc. and will probably lead you to make an early decision. Buying a used RV takes a lot of work and if you perservere, you will find that gem. As far as a Newmar, they are a great company with a great reputation. I notified them of my ownership and they promptly got me into their system. Run the NADA value numbers to look at a starting point for negotiation and look all over the internet for comparable units, features and prices. My RV had an average retail of $ 51,000 and it was definitely not average and I paid $ 38,000, so I have a nice equity cushion for the future.

Another important thing to look at is the condition of the manuals, any invoices that might have been saved denoting any problems with the systems and just a history of what work was done. In my case, the only owners were an elderly couple and the recording keeping was not very good, but I did see some recall notices from Workhorse that had been completed. Tight paperwork will help sell your RV in the future because it shows you care.

Good luck, Eric Schrader, Canton, Ga.

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Only 200 mles from home for this unit? My advice is continue shopping. There are a lot of good, better than this one, units out there. I live in MI and bought used units in FL, AZ and OH. Traveling those distances has saved me thousands and I was able to get GREAT deals. That said, you will never find a unit that is perfect,all old units need something. Even the one in my yard right now. The one I have now needed about $6,000.00 in drivetrain work but I bought it $15,000.00 under book value.

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