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4 Wheels Down Or Tow Dolly

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum! Good to see your post!

This is the only link I could find regarding the brake setup when using Tow Dollies.

Could not find any reference regarding the requirement of brakes on the towed vehicle wheels that contact the road.

They do require brakes that are activated, should the Tow Dolly brake away from the towing vehicle.

Weight requirements are all over, the lowest being around 2000 lbs.

This is a generic link to all provinces and territories.



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Just curious why you would not tow again with a dolly? Is it because you prefer 4 down or that the dolly gave you problems? I just bought last Fall a Kar Kaddy SS and towed the car home (2 hours) and was very pleased. Just wondering if it was mechanical or preference?

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