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07'Inspire Air Intake Taking In Water When Driving In Rain

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Yes. We have a Horizon 40DP with a side radiator and 8.9 Cummins. I see water stains on the bottom of my air filter every time I have my maint. man change it. The first time I saw this I had him disconnect the the air tube until we didn't see anymore signs of moisture stains in the lines which was about four feet.

I've always commented on what a bad design the low mounted side radiator is for people like us who find themselves on grass, dirt, snow and gravel parking areas. Just saw a dusted motor in Redding with 33K miles and it was not a pretty sight, so I am very careful about who works on my last motorhome.

We travel in the winter also and find the very small volcanic crushed rock they use on the roadways in icy areas stuck in the radiator.

Good Luck!


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