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Headlight Assembly Melt Down

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I have a 2008 Dynasty with a headlight problem!

The area where the bulb is plugged into on the back of the asembly, gets hot & will distort the bulb holder area.

Voltage has been checked at batteries & light receptacles to 13.8V to 14.2 V.

The headlight assembly gets so hot that the reflector shield will come lose & fall to the bottom of the fixture.

The plug & wires feeding the lights are not affected.

This melt down has happened twice. The coach only has 16,0000 miles on it & stored in a heated garage.

The bulb is a Sylvania H13 9008.

I have consulted with a Monaco Technician many times. They have never heard of this problem.

If anyone has had this problem, I would appreciate any information.


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Is it possible that high powered bulbs were installed without using a relay?

The ground wire may be in a plastic loom and hard to trace back to check the ground contact

If one or more of the connection spades (pins) inside the connector fits loose on the bulb it can overheat and melt the connector. After that happens the metal connections will oxidiize and make the connection worse. Auto parts stores have an assortment of the connectors and you can try matching it.

When you put it together be sure the terminals on the bulb are shiny and coated with dielectric silicone or vasoline and fit very snug.

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Hi Mike,

Welcome to FMCA.

Good point Dwight, I wondered what the OEM bulb was also.

Is it just one side or both headlight assemblies that are a problem?

Mike, an increase in current due to wire gauge size voltage drop could be an issue. By any chance have you had the headlights on and felt the wires running to them to see if they might be running hot or unusually warm.

There are a number of different H13 9008 series bulbs that have a wattage range from 50 to 65 watts and the silver star ultra runs at almost 70 watts. From the information I have found.

Said another way, Resistance in a electrical circuit causes heat, so wire gauge and connection quality are critical to proper circuit operation.

Mike as an after thought, check and make sure that the headlight circuits have good ground connections !!!


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