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No Lights, Water Heater, Or A/C

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Vehicle: 2003 Holiday Rambler Ambassador.

Last night we had a huge rain storm while parked at our RV park. Our lights went out and I thought we lost power, but the fan and printer were still on. We figured out that none of our lights work, nor the hot water heater or air conditioning. However, the outlets, TV, microwave, and fridge work. We have tried resetting everything and putting in new light bulbs, but nothing seems to be fixing the issue. Nothing is lit up on the power board. Any suggestions to fix this strange electrical problem?

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

Lets divide this into the various systems.

Are your lights 12 VDC or 120 VAC?

Have you checked for power at the CG outlet? Turned off and back on the CG breaker(s)?

Sounds like you may have an inverter that is supplying some circuits (from your house battery bank)-- is that true?

If you have confirmed shore power at the CG outlet is good, have you turned off and back on the main and individual breakers in your coach 120 beaker box?

If you have a surge protector (or similar) that is another point of failure.

What works/does not work when you turn on your generator?

Advice for the future-- when an electrical storm is approaching, it is a VERY good idea to disconnect from shore power. That way you are isolated from near-by strikes that spike the electrical grid. If disconnected, only a direct strike or one very close can harm your equipment.

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