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Fleetwood Storm 28F -Low Quality

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Just for reference its www.gonewiththewynns.com --- they have been fulltime RV'ing for quite a while now and are on their 4th MH. They did a special deal with Fleetwood and are "testing' the new 2016 Fleetwood Bounder 35K Gas. The DP was a Fleetwood excursion and they had nothing but praise for both the coach and Fleetwood. Did they have problems yes of course, did everything fit perfectly, no but overall it was a good coach and that is why they partnered with Fleetwood on the test drive of the new Bounder. They just completed a two month Alaska trip in the bounder and overall had very few problems with a very challenging distance and varied terrain. I think they are very good with their perspective on just everyday RV life and how they see it. They aren't perfect and tell you what they like and dislike from their perspective on a motorhome. Is Fleetwood the greatest RV manufacturer out there? No but unless you step up to the million dollar foretravel or similar you aren't going to find much better IMHO. I would love to have a big Monaco but 600K plus is a bit out of my range LOL. I have almost 4200 miles on my new bounder and have had it only 2 months, so far I have had no issues that cause me to be concerned over the life of the coach. I am presently having front and rear sway bars and a steering stabilizer installed and have a weekend trip planned end of month. Any manufacturer can have a bad coach and I feel for the people that have that happen. I think the newer Fleetwood's are using some of the better manufacturing techniques on the market and the construction of my bounder is very sound. I also agree you only see many the bad post and not the thousands that have little to no problems. I hope you get your RV repaired satisfactorily and agree with the poster to stay on Fleetwood, I think they will work with you and get you at least mostly satisfied on your coach. Good Luck

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We have a 2014 Fleetwood Storm 28SF. 0utside of a few minor problems, fixed by the dealer right away, we love the coach.

We also bought it because of the floor plan. We do not have 10000 miles on it yet but it has been great. Hope this takes some of the scare out. As other people have said, you only here about the folks that have been having problems. So I just thought I would let all know that not all storms have problems, good ones are out there.

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