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Power Gear Electric Jacks

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Hey everyone,

I have a 2007 Bounder 38 ft and after a recent vacation the jacks refused to retract. I called roadside assist and they pushed two of them back in place (driver side) and had to tie the other two up ( pass. side). I took it to a local dealer to repair. It took the a month to repair stating Power Gear is slow to ship. The dealer only repaired the two that had been tied saying there was no way to tell the others were bad. Now they are telling me it will take Power Gear another two weeks to ship the second pair.

I contacted Power Gear myself and they told me they manufacture the jacks to order and it does generally take two weeks. Has anyone faced this situation?

Are there suppliers out there who stock Power Gear?

Could my dealer have foreseen this and diagnosed problem with the second set of jacks and avoided this time delay?

Anyone have any thoughts?

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