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Modifications Of The Garage Area

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I have some modifications on my "To Do List" for my Outlaw that I plan to get done this year.

In the garage I want to:

(1) Add a cigarette lighter to the switch panel so I can plug in my portable 12v


(2) Make some portable adjustable pole stands to support the ramp in a position to be a sun deck.

(3) Design a way to secure a 12v winch for loading my Harley or other vehicle if it is not operational.

(Don't want to push anything up the ramp)

(4) Add a portable screen at the end of the garage to keep out flying insects.

(5) Remove the electric drop down foam queen bed stored near the ceiling and replace it with a

storage box. (I don't need the extra bed in the garage).

Already added are:

[a] A chrome Bike Pro Quick Release wheel chalk.

My full dresser is secured on the drivers side to offset the added weight of 4 AGM 6v batteries in a

compartment on the right for the inverter and solar panels.

Two tap lights, one near the light switch panel and another on side wall near ramp so I don't trip

in the dark looking for the light switch.

[c] A wall thermometer near the door.

[d] Fire extinguisher for garage area.

[e] I relocated the manufactures stationary b&w back-up camera to the corner above the TV in the garage.

This allows me to check on how my bike and other things that are tied down in the garage.

[f] I added an additional 6 color digital camera system, 2 sides, 2 nose, one interior above the dash

(rear view) and a low light back-up camera that both pans and tilts (scroll to bottom).

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