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Slide Out Seals

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Hi Gerald.

Welcome to FMCA!

Most common item used on the seals is silicon spray applied to the seals or rag and wiping them down.

Cleans and preserves them an prevents them from sticking to the contact surface when extending the slides.

Note, the seals at the top of the slide outs are difficult to clean if you have slide toppers. I have a handle that I use to wash and wax the coach, so I made up a attachment that allows me to reach under the topper, sliding the pool along the roof area and pressing it towards the seals to do that area.

A little awkward when working from a ladder, so if height is an issue for you a little help might be good.


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I would offer this,

Silicon spray will pick up dust, that’s why we don't use it on agricultural equipment. In areas where we don’t care about cleanness we use powered graphite ( seed boxes, door hinges )

In areas where you want a clean appearance (weather seals on doors ) or don’t want graphite on clothing we use corn starch (yes the food corn starch) All you have to do is place some in a bowel, use a paint brush to apply it and its non-toxic for all those who have pets as well.

Yes moisture can remove the corn starch; however it doesn’t stain your interior upholstery, clothing and non-toxic to pets.

You will have to decide which product best serves your requirements.

Good luck with your project.

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