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1987 Monaco Exec Jacks

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I recently acquired an 87 (I think or 86) Monaco. Interior is fabulous been working on various items with good success.

However i cannot figure out how the jacks work. There are 3 knobs and a white push button in the middle. 1 of the orange lights up, but nothing. Do not hear any hydraulics running and the only panel I can find is on the floor next to the driver’s seat.

Checked the wiring to the pump it seems not to be corroded or in working order. There is only 1 page in the binder manual with little information on up & down?

Any Ideas? Thank you for the info, not my jacks however... 3 knobs for the 3 jacks 1 in front and 2 back, it says Diplomat Anaheim like they built them or nameplated by them. Do not see my panel in any of the diagrams on the website you provided. i will get a picture of the panel and post.

Blue Monaco.post-36639-0-16948600-1384367169_thumb.j

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