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Toilet "burps"

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Hi all!

We have a problem with one of our toilets, sometimes it "burps" when we flush it, it's like an air bubble. The holding tank is not full.

Any idea what the problem might be? Vent?

Thank you, Veronica


Yes, a toilet "burping back" is normally a symptom of a defective vent.

The vent pipe to the roof may be blocked by insect, animal or bird nest.

The vent pipe may have fallen too deep in the tank and be below tank content level, etc.

If safe, go up on the roof and blow down the vent. Verify that there is no back pressure and have someone near the black tank verify that you are not "bubbling" below content level.

Brett Wolfe

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Hi Veronica,

Another cause of the "burp" could be the poo pyramid. Over time, with a lack of sufficient water during flushing, the pile builds. Pressure cleaning the inside of the black tank solves the problem. This can be done with the built in tank wand or an after market wand (if you have a straight flush into the tank). Another, more time consuming method is to use chemicals (or a bag of ice cubes) and a lot of water. Drive around to slosh the mixture and dump.

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