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Towing Lexus RX 350 With Acme Tow Dolly

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A Nissan Cube is an itsey bitsey teenie weenie SUV wanna be, they have the right name, cause they really look like a cube. People who own them love them, sorta like class B lovers. LOL :wub:

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39 minutes ago, WILDEBILL308 said:

I am trying to figure out how you got a plate for something that doesn't exist. How did you get DMV to issue a plate when there is no paperwork or plate assigned for  a dolly? 

All troopers know that if they run into a situation they have a radio and a phone to get the information they need. Plus they have a dispatcher and a supervisor. 



Ca dmv had the steps and process in place, specifically for dollies. A plate is optional, which means available. Troopers may not always educate themselves before a stop... see posts of those using a class 8 rig (HDT) for personal use.

I have the certificate of origin, and the dmv confirmed the vin matched, so plate was easy. If I did not have the Cert, a statement of facts and a clean vin would have done the job.

IIRC, WA does not require a plate unless the dolly is towed unloaded, so a WA trooper not familiar with CA law might initiate a stop for no plate.

I am a stickler for not giving cause for a stop.

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