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2000 Itasca Horizon TV Replacement

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We want to replace the front TV in our 2000 Itasca Horizon 36LD Motorhome with a Flat Screen TV. The existing CRT TV squeaks enough to drive us crazy when driving. I have spent hours trying to figure out how to get the old CRT out, and can't figure it out. Can someone tell us how to get the CRT out, or direct us to a site that can? Otherwise we will just have to cover the whole area in plastic, smash the screen with a hammer :rolleyes: , and cut the plastic TV frame out with a sawzall from the inside out, removing the TV piece by piece. Then, once the old CRT is out we should be able to figure out how that area is assembled. Then we can complete the dis-assembly without damaging the motorhome - and figure out how to best install the new flat screen with our cabinet maker. Thanks for any help!! Pete

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Brett has the best idea, if you can get help from Winnebago they should be your best source of information.

If not, we did exactly what you want to do with our coach last winter. We, like you, had a very squeaky TV. Ours had a rear louvered removable panel that helped with the process. That allowed me to examine the mounting method and be able to disassemble the cabinet quite easily. It also allowed us to disconnect all the wires and cables attached to the back of the TV. The key to our cabinet was to look at the bottom of the cabinet on the outside. There were four screw holes, carefully covered and stained so they were almost invisible. These screws held down the angled platform that the TV was mounted on. Once these screws were removed, the platform and the TV were loose and could be moved back in the cabinet to allow access to the mounting straps that secured the TV to the platform. Our TV cabinet also had a removable frame that covered the front of the cabinet. Taking that off allowed easy (well relatively easy) removal of the TV.

I should have taken pictures as I was disassembling the cabinet but didn't. I did write up the process, you can find the entry under Coach Modifications. Good luck with your project. I think you'll be delighted with the result.

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