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no doubt your guage is faulty. they often get junk across the contacts to actuate your lights and need to be cleaned periodically. this also happen with the black tank. Some people suggest dumping a lot of ice cubes and some water in the tank And then drive around with it and that will clean the contacts. there are also chemicals available at your RV store that will clean the contacts.

Bebop, San Jose, Ca

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Probably the easiest possibility would be gunk dried on the side of the tank being registered by the sensor. After a trip I usually fill the gray and black tank to 3/4 with water, add some pinesol (any soap will probably do just fine) and drive the last leg of the trip, in my case about an hour on the road. Then I dump.

A similar process with your gray tank may clear the dry stuff.

Otherwise the cause, such as a bad sensor, would require more technical service.

Good Luck.

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