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Tire Seminars (two different ones) @ Madison

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Just to give folks a heads up, I am scheduled to give two different seminars on tires at Madison.

The first is "Basic Tire Knowledge" for the RV owner. Thursday 3:00PM

Tire size, load range and inflation needs are the focus.

The second is "Advanced Tire Knowledge and Failure Analysis" Friday 1:30PM

Now don't be put off by this.as all that is required is that you be interested in learning more about tires than "I gotta put air in them". The Failure Analysis part will show numerous examples to show that "Blowout" isn't the correct answer to every tire failure.

I believe that if you don't know the real reason "WHY" a tire failed simply replacing the failed tire with a new one or with a different brand may not solve the underlying problem.

I will stick around and do Q&A after both sessions till there are no more questions. My presentations are company neutral and I have nothing for sale other than knowledge and that is FREE.

I am hoping to again offer tire pressure gauge calibration check after the seminars but won't know when or where till I confirm I can set up my portable compressor so I have adequate pressure to check your gauges. My "Master Gauges" read to 0.5 psi and have been checked against ISO Laboratory certified gauges. But bring your gauges if you would like them checked.

See you in Madison.

Note anyone that is reading this that has attended my seminars is encouraged to add a "review" of my seminars to this thread.

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