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FMCAssist: Conditions for Return of Motorhome

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I would like some clarification on the FMCAssist medical evacuation benefit as it pertains to return of motorhome, if needed.

Currently, I have the emergency return of my motorhome through another organization and it is a yearly cost so I was thinking about dropping it since I'm covered under the FMCA blanket. However, after reading the conditions for return it seems under #5 below that before return of your vehicle will be authorized you have to meet "a" and "b" listed below. "a" says that, The member has been transported under either the “emergency medical evacuation/repatriation” or “return of mortal remains” benefits. This is fine until you read the definition of "emergency medical evacuation/repatriation" definition in #1 listed below. To me, that paragraph reads that your motorhome will only be transported if you have to be transported from one medical facility to another because the one you are in originally cannot provide care. That, to me, is an exception that would be hard to meet in the majority of cases. If that is correct, the value of this benefit is greatly diminished. Please correct me if I am interpreting it incorrectly.



1. Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation
The plan will pay covered expenses incurred if any covered injury or illness that commences during the period of coverage results in the medically necessary emergency medical evacuation or repatriation (i.e., the member’s medical condition warrants immediate transportation from the medical facility where he or she is located to the nearest medical facility that is capable of furnishing the required level and type of care for the applicable illness or injury as determined by the attending physician in consultation with the Seven Corners medical director).

5. Vehicle return (limited to trips in North America only)
Should the member, due to a medical condition, be unable to drive his/her vehicle back to his/her permanent primary residence within the United States, Mexico, or Canada, Seven Corners will arrange and pay to have a designated service return the vehicle to the member’s home, provided:

a) The member has been transported under either the “emergency medical evacuation/repatriation” or “return of mortal remains” benefits; and no one in the member’s traveling party is capable of driving, or proficient and competent to drive, the member’s vehicle. The vehicle must be in good condition and capable of being safely driven on the highway in compliance with local laws.

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To get the accurate answer, call FMCAssist and ask your question. Seven Corners is the Agent and the policy is underwritten by Lloyds of London. Members on this forum are not and may or may not know the complete correct answer. Having said that and having had two experiences with members that have used FMCAssist in different ways, I think #5 is the answer you are looking for.

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