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Direct TV Two Receivers: Home & RV, ONE Account. SAVE!

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PROBLEM; Paying two TV bills, one for MH, one for house. Finally got across to DIRECT TV my needs today, and if all goes well i can save some money. Here's how it works. I have previously been paying for Direct TV in the MH, and cable TV at home. Two separate bills and double the cost. When we leave home for any thing over two months we turn off the cable. They charge you to turn it back on! Eating up a months savings in the process. When we return home we have to pay for the Direct TV even though we are not using it. While you can "suspend" the Direct TV there are limitations; no more than six months and no more than one period per year. So the Direct TV suspension does not work for us either because we make several trips per year.

HERE'S THE SOLUTION; Drop cable at the house permanently, call Direct TV and tell them you want a "NEW" install at your house, but then tell them that you already have a Direct TV account (Important) for your MH and you want the "NEW" dish and receiver to be added to your MH account. (You can do it the other way around also, if you have a account at the house)

Here's how this helps, you will than have one Direct TV account with two receivers in it, one for the MH, one for the house. Direct TV counts each receivers as a system, you pay a small fee (6.00+-) per device attached to each receiver and for each receiver that is DVR $10.00 as well. The beauty of this is that you only have to pay for one program package per ACCOUNT, no matter how many satellite dish's or receivers! Repeat, You do not pay for a seperate program package fee for each system/network, ie MH & Home.

REMEMBER; You must put both house and MH on same account to just pay for ONE program package!

SAVINGS: So if you have the Ultra package in both the MH and Home would cost $89.00 +- for one program package, $10 for new receiver (HD/DVR Genie) and $6.00 for each device (including the MH) , plus tax ect.

That beats the "****" out of paying for two separate program packages from cable Direct TV, Dish, ATT or who ever!

Getting my setup installed early next week, I will post the results to this forum and let all know how it worked out.

It took me a year and four different representatives ALL of whom gave me bad information, to get this worked out, finally got a Direct TV supervisor that knew her stuff and TURNED ME ON! CHECK IT OUT!!!!

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DTV installed the new HD Genie receiver in house today, and it worked out as planned. reduced my media cost by about one hundred dollars per month, and use both MH and house DTV's simultaneously.

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