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Operation LZ

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Operation LZ was held in Forest City, Iowa, August 26 - 30, 2015. It was sponsored by the people of Iowa and the Winnebao-Itasca Travel club (WIT). We were in town having work done on our coach earlier in the month and made sure to be back for this. It was a "welcome home" for all Vietnam vets. The Traveling Wall was there, as were the Sky Soldiers, with a few Hueys and a Cobra gunship. Rides could be had, for a fee; and, I got my wife up with me in one of the Hueys. They wouldn't let me sit in the door, like we did in Vietnam, and even made us wear seat belts; but, we had a blast! One crew chief, Bill, had been a door gunner in-country; and, we had a good conversation. I was an infantryman, who was transported by Huey, and, after three tours of duty, was awarded the Army Air Medal for all of the combat missions. There was an air show, some speakers, and a brief appearance of some hot-air balloons. Some good comradery, good food, and fine hosts. We enjoyed it. Was anybody else there?

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