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Replacement Door Latch with Keyless Entry

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I have heard that many RV locks have siblings B) that use the same key. I have a 2008 Winnebago Journey, and for that reason and others am interested in replacing my existing TriMark lock that has a key & fob with one that is keyed & keyless.

It looks like this may be a do-it-yourself project.

Does anyone have suggestions on manufacturers & models, or good/bad experiences? Has anyone replaced the handle/lock or done this upgrade?


Jengle @ RVBuiltForTwo.com
Trippin' With The Engles

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jengle, Welcome to the FMCA Forum !

I have not installed a wireless key entry in a coach not equipped with one.

But! You will need to find a way to run some wires for power and ground through the door frame.

Installing wires where they flex or bend every time will brake them in relatively short order.

RV doors do not have the space between the door and the door frame like cars, that adds an area for the wires to move around more freely.

Look and find some brass contacts to mount in the door frame and the door, so they make contact.

Spring loaded ones on one side of the setup would be a good idea. The standard configuration is stationary ones in the door frame and spring loaded contacts on the door.

The lock set should still use a key setup, not good to come back to the coach and have a dead battery or fob. An have all the windows locked.

When coaches are buttoned up they can be very difficult to get into !!!!


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