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2012 Roadtrek SS Agile

Here in Portland Oregon it doesn't get real cold in the winter. But we can have a few days below freezing (0C, 32F).

It hardly ever snows and if it does, it's dusting that lasts only a day or so.

Has anyone successfully used a heater for the water tanks (fresh, gray, black)? I have always winterized, but I would very much like to use my coach in the winter. I have no intention of driving into the mountains and snow. Mostly I would drive south into CA and AZ. But I would store in Portland, OR.

I talked to my dealer, but they were not knowledgeable. They said they would install, but would not recommend. They mentioned heating tape around pipes and a heating blanket around the tanks. Actually, they want me to purchase it on my own and bring it to them. I was hoping they would just know what to do and do the whole thing.

It would run on the battery, and I would be on shore power when I store. I park outside beside my house.

Is this a reasonable thing to think about? Has anyone doe this with success?

I did search the forum but did not find this topic ... although it may very well be there. Other people must have thought about this.


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Welcome to the forum. I don't winterize but I have a couple of small ceramic heaters. I place one in the wet bay and have one in the main coach. If the weather forecast is for colder than usual weather and you think it might freeze something inside. I will turn on the furnace on at a low temperature 45-50. Yes propane is more expensive but cheaper than plumbing problems. The furnace should help heat your lower bays.


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As Bill said, Welcome to the Forum.

There is a unit for swimming pools called a "Freeze Guard". It can be found at places such as Leslie's Pool Supply. Although it is a 220 unit it may be used for 110 Volts by dropping a leg. It is designed to turn on the pump in case the temp. drops below a set temp. Most folk have it set for 34 degrees F.

I used one for over 20 years and never had a problem with the water freezing. It can be wired to turn on a heater as Bill suggested of even a 100 watt bulb places in the compartments you wish to keep warm [be sure the bulb doesn't come in contact any surface].


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