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3 Insert Hitch On DP: Hitch Rating?

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We have a 2003 Safari Cheetah 37 with a hitch that has 3 insert, one middle, one each side left and right, equal distance.

I'm sure they had some type of lift installed. I have no information on the hitch. I am trying to find Information and the hitch rating for it. Unable to find anything on line, might be because I don't know what they call it.

Let me know if you know what class hitch this is.

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The hitch is normally used for a MC lift and toad. It's used to increase your tounge weight, since it will carry a 900+ bike and lift. I'll guess on class 4. Check on Hydra Lift.


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Go to the post you want to edit and click on "edit" at the bottom. If that does not work, click on my name and then on "send me a message" at the top left.

Let me know what thread it is on, original wording and what you want it to say and I will be happy to edit it for you.

Has anyone else had trouble editing one of their own posts? If so, what device are you using?



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