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Inverter On or Off?

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On 3/30/2016 at 2:27 PM, DickandLois said:

Just going to add a little item to the thread regarding the Inverter / Charger.

On the way North from the Southern part of the country, where we went to find some warmer weather for a time. The charger portion of our Inverter / charger failed.

Took me some time to figure out that the charger had indeed failed. The only indication in hindsight was the presents of noise in the video display for the rear view camera.

When driving, generator off, there where dark and light streaks present. After removing the positive feed between the charger and the battery bank's, I restarted the Coach engine and no more noise on the screen. INTERESTING !!!

It's been an ongoing issue that would come and go. But the charger diodes are shorted and I need to check for other items that could have failed yet.

The second item that told me something was wrong, was the fact that the coach batteries would read 13.5 volts after shutting down the engine and starting the generator the voltage would drop to 6.25 volts.

Remember! the battery charge was 13 plus volts and as soon as the generator was started - the battery level dropped to 6.25 volts. RED charge LED and a hot smell coming from the Xantrex unit. Not Good !

Now to replace or rebuild question as this issue falls into one of my skill sets. LOL


We just had our Xantex repaired. Call Chris at:

Tekris Power Electronics
1675 HWY 34
Farmingdale, NJ  07727
Ph. 732-938-4996

Awesome customer service!


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I'm surprised that the 3 of you are surprised!  :P:blink:  My Inverter is on while I'm driving now, and charger is on when I'm in storage and the last 2 days when I have been in a CG for longer than a week! 


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For 13 years in the Endeavor, the inverter/converter was never turned off, (even though the inverter function could be shut down independently).  Never a problem. BUT, the manual on my new inverter in my new coach says to leave it off if it is not needed.  So that's what I do.  It's ON  most of the time when shore power is not available (driving down the road & dry camping)  to power the ac only residential refrigerator, otherwise it's off.. 

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