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RV Dealers: Are They All Like This?

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Gary, for some odd reason most RV dealers will show a coach before its cleaned, in fact they will not clean it until it's sold if they clean it at all. Makes no sense to me, being in the car/truck business the dealers I worked at would show anything until it went through the shop, repairs made and was detailed. Only a few seem to do the right thing, I'm convinced my next coach will come from Motorhomes of Texas and maybe one or two others. I bought our current coach from a car dealer that dabbles in RV sales, small place in Strasburg Lancaster PA and they treated us right. Hats off to Sauder Motors. 

Sorry you are having so many problems with that dealer. I have a friend that just went through the same in Louisiana, his was dirty and crashed when he arrived 1200 miles later to pick it up, they gave him a basket of hot sauce:o.

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My sympathies to all like experiences, most of us have either been there or will be.

One method that seems to get results for me:

1. Before you make any contact with them grab steno pad or small notepad.

2. In person or on phone, write the name of person that is responding. If on the phone, ask them to spell it even if it's a "Bill" or a "Mary."

3. It will soon become obvious to them that you are taking notes on what they tell you.

4. If not happy with their responses (please be reasonable here, they're not getting their parts from Amazon prime):

5. ESCALATE!!! Take your notes to the sevice manager once. If  not somewhat pleased, they have people in charge of them. Frequently I have dealt with owners.

I have found Thor very helpful on my new Palazzo, however they can only "support" the dealer.



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