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Home Offices on the Road with High Speed Internet

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I'm back for more...the information so far has been amazing. My wife and I both work from home offices and reliable high speed internet is paramount to our ability to hit the road full-time. We both video conference and my wife is reviewing medical images all day.

We currently get by with a residential Comcast service.

We want to be mobile and will need a dish and service that will allow this to happen. Is there anyone out there who is doing this?

Does anyone have experience with Datastorm?

Is reliable high speed internet a myth for an RV lifestyle?


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We are full timers and there are 3 of us travelling together and using internet, my daughter, my wife and I.  I use internet for work which includes basic browser access, but also streaming data that runs for several hours a day.  I really need 4G and, so far, it has been rare that I don't get good coverage from at least one if not both.  Mountain regions has been our biggest problem in terms of coverage.  We have been at this for the last 2 years.

I have a Verizon data plan AND a T-Mobile data plan, each with their own mobile internet device.  I have two services so that I have a back up in case one goes out or if there is lack of good coverage.  I have found working between the two plans I can maximize my data use with the least cost.  T-Mobile is cheaper and I have their 18 gb plan that runs me $90 all in.  You can double it with an additional chip.  I like their plan better because you can roll over unused minutes into the next month (20gb limit on rollover) and you can stream a number of video and audio sites without it going against your minutes.  I use my Verizon plan as a filler in that I can change my data plan monthly based on anticipated usage, going up or down as needed.

For really major video streaming and software updates we go to local libraries.  I have not explored satellite under the understanding the speed is too slow.  I set up satellites everywhere we go for cable tv (Direct TV) and certainly it is easy to do with a good tripod.  In all I spend about $160-$200 a month on data.


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You may have issues with satellite and teleconferencing and/or bandwidth requirements.  The latency (delay) can be real annoying with live conferencing,  Not sure what bandwidth is available today but when I was using it ten years ago it was quite limited unless you paid BIG bucks.  Back then each satellite beamed down coverage to the entire US (or other areas).  While they still do that, their main focus is now on spot beams which provide (I think) higher speeds.  Mobile users were locked out of the spot beam service when it was first initiated but I think there is now a third party provider that can set you up with spot beam service.

My main reason for dropping the service was slow speeds and arrival of 3G Verizon.  They touted "speeds up to xxx" and delivered much less saying "we don't guarantee anything" .  They may be better today but....  Now with 4G Verizon almost everywhere I would never consider going back.

Another BIG disadvantage to satellite is you MUST always have a clear view of the southern sky - NO trees allowed - thus no shade.  You will find many campgournds where a clear view (or a hole in the trees at just the right spot) is not easy to find.

Suggest you visit the datastorm users forum for additional information.    http://www.datastormusers.com/

Expect to have to register before being allowed access.  The fellow who runs the datastorm site is also an RVer and very knowledgeable.

Good luck,


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