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Big Slide Out Stuck Out: Jayco 29UM Precept

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We purchased a 2015 Precept with about 3500 miles. Previous owners said they went from Florida to Michigan and decided they wanted a bigger unit, so not much usage.

This is the second time this big slide out has failed while trying to retract. I've opened panel boxes, pulled plugs, pushed buttons, removed kick board under lower bunk all per instructions of Jayco service rep. Removing the kick board was to allow me to find the #3 motor since that was the motor that the panel board indicated was bad. Well, no motors that we could see. I have sent photos to the rep and have not heard back.

We would like to get this slide back in so we can get it to a dealer and find out why this has happened. We also have a call into the original dealer we see if there was any service done on this slide. The previous owner told me he had work done on the bed slide but not the big one.

Does anyone have suggestions to fix or at least get this back in place?




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Bonnie, Welcome to the FMCA Forum!

Have you checked for a blown fuse in the circuit powering the motor?

 You posted  A 2015 Precept Model 29UM. Check and see if it is still covered by manufacture warranty.

Think you might have a Class A on a Ford F53 chassis?

Do you have any information on hand that lists the manufacture of the side out manufacture, is it Lippert? Is the system operated by electric mechanical drive or hydraulic drive system?


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On our Safari there is at one end of the horizontal drive shaft, a hex head where a socket and a long handled ratchet can be used to retract the ailing slide. Maybe there is such on your coach. You will have to look from underneath.

Bill Edwards


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