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Tire Cleaning/ Maintenance

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21 hours ago, desertdeals690 said:

I believe it was said that the rubber does not breathe enough.  Maybe tireman can comment.

Don't worry about tires "breathing" enough. ObedB is correct about "the brown stuff". The only stuff I put on my tires is completely water soluble and simply lays on the surface till it rains hard.


RE pressure washing.  Be careful to keep wands a couple feet away. The high pressure can damage the sidewall. There is a picture showing that damage on my blog post.


See you all in W. Springfield.  PS in addition to checking your hand gauges, I am working on test fixture for checking your TPMS if you have a portable monitor. If you are thinking of this, I advise to mark the cap on each sensor with tire position so you do not need to re-set the tire position. Sorry but will be doing a pressure check on TPMS at about 80 psi so you will need to change your low pressure warning level. More info at my tire seminars.

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