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Under Sixty Task Force Quarterly Update and West Springfield Rally Plans

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Below is the update that was emailed out to the Under Sixty Task Force as well as those who requested Under 60 information for the upcoming Springfield Rally.

The email includes pictures of the ENERGIZED Logo and Pictures of the Shirts we are ordering for this rally....those pictures cannot be added to this update but are available on the Facebook U60 Group page. 


FMCA’s Under Sixty Task Force



Summer 2016 update and August 2, 2016 West Springfield Rally plans




Thank you for joining FMCA’s Under-Sixty Task Force (U60).  We currently have more than 350 Family Members who have signed up to be informed and invited to our events and activities that target Family Members under-60 years old at our International Conventions.  In addition, we are moving forward to help make FMCA more relevant and entertaining for our age group.




Some of you “Escaped to Wisconsin” and joined us at the National 92ndFamily Reunion & Motorhome Showcase in July 2015.  We did it again at the 93rd Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase in March 2016, at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia.




Now get ready to join us for the 94th International Convention and Motorhome Showcase, Aug. 2 to 7, 2016, in West Springfield, Mass. The event will be held at the Eastern States Exposition, Home of the Big E.  Take a moment to sign up to join us there!!  ----à http://www.fmca.com/conventions-64/west-springfield-2016/register-now.html  the early bird pricing has been extended through July 5th.




If you cannot join us in West Springfield start thinking about joining us in Indianapolis Indiana next summer. The dates are not confirmed but mid July 2017 is under consideration. 

If you have not joined the conversation on the Facebook Closed Group Page please join us here-à>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/fmcau60taskforce/





What’s been happening so far and what’s planned for the upcoming Rally in West SpringfieldMA in August?




Our U60 Task Force had a work group meeting at the Perry Georgia Rally to define our Mission and Goals. 




Our Mission is:




"Pursuing new members, ideas and enthusiasm for the future success of the organization"




In addition our current goals include:




-Recruit new members for FMCA both under and over 60.

-Establish a voice within the leadership of FMCA

-Sponsor more age related events and activities at Rallies.

-Explore new/additional benefits and initiatives for members



Towards the goal of “Sponsor more age related events and activities at Rallies” we created FMCA ENERGIZED.


FMCA ENERGIZED represents the Under 60 Task Force’s contribution to make our Rallies Fun!!



For the upcoming Rally in West Springfield we have events planned exclusively for members of the Under 60 Task Force and their guest. 




The Under 60 Task Force events, such as the concert, the block party at Storrowton Tavern Patio, the Brewery Tour will not appear in the Program Guide and will only appear here, via email and on the Facebook Group Page.



In addition to the U60 only events, we have a few “Rally-Wide” events for all attendees.  We sponsor these Rally-Wide events under the FMCA ENERGIZED brand.  For these ENERGIZED events you don’t have to be Under 60 to Come Play.



The FMCA ENERGIZED events below will appear in the West Springfield Rally program guide along with a half page advertisement of the ENERGIZED events.



Of the 350 U60 Task Force Members; 60 have already registered for the West Springfield Rally.




Here are the Under 60 Task Force Happenings followed by the FMCA ENERGIZED sponsored events at the West Springfield Massachusetts Rally (August 2-7):




Note:  If you are going to Springfield please RSVP as indicated below if you are interested in Orange U60/ENERGIZED shirts, the Paint ‘n Sip on Thursday, the Block Party on Friday and/or the brewery tour on Saturday.   Please do so no later than July 7.  We need to get the shirt order in and space is limited to the Paint and Sip on Thursday.  We will release remaining seats to Paint ‘n Sip on July 8. 




For our Under 60 Task Force members and their guest attending the August 2016 Rally in West SpringfieldMA we are planning on getting together for:




·       Wednesday afternoon (August 3) - We will have an informal get together at a location to be announced to kick off the week.  This will be a BYOE (bring your own everything snacks, cup with beverage, chair) Happy Hour at 5:30pm (after the Motor Home Preview).  For those that ordered shirts (see below) we will hand them out here.  The location will be announced via email and on the Facebook Closed Group page by August 1 (once we get on the grounds and locate a place to meet).  So keep an eye on your email during the Rally for U60 Updates.    




·       Thursday evening (August 4) - FMCA is putting on the Texas Tenors (see Rally Program for details) and some of us are going to the Summer Concert Series (hosted by West Springfield Parks and Recreation on the grounds) to hear the Big E Mardi Gras Band at the Storrowton Village Green Gazebo from 7-8:30p.m. (weather permitting).  Wear something orange so we can find each other and bring a chair.




·       Friday afternoon (August 5) at 5:00 p.m. - U60 Task Force Members are invited to the Storrowton Tavern Patio (on the grounds) for our U60 Task Force Block Party. 


Storrowton Tavern has blocked off the Patio area for our event.  In addition to a cash bar we are either going to have appetizers or order off the menu depending on how many U60 members are coming.  Space on the patio is limited to about 45 people so if you are planning on attending this U60 Event please email FMCAUnder60TaskForce@gmail.com by July 7 so we can get a count.




·       Saturday afternoon (August 6) offers the afternoon brewery tour.  Depending on how many people sign up for this will determine where we go.  If you are interested in the brewery tour Saturday email FMCAUnder60TaskForce@gmail.com by July 7 and we will see how many are interested…that will drive where we go and how we get there.   We are currently looking at Fort Hill Brewery but there are other options such as a 14 passenger Ale Tour. 




In addition to these U60 only events, we are sponsoring fun events for all Rally Attendees, regardless of age, under the FMCA ENERGIZED label.




FMCA ENERGIZED Events and Activities at the West Springfield Massachusetts Rally:




Kidz Meet N Greet


FMCA ENERGIZED and the FMCA Youth Committee would like to invite all youth ages 6 to 16 along with at least one of their parents/grandparents/guardians, to the KIDZ Meet N Greet on Tuesday, August 2, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. in Lot D.  Come and meet some old friends or make new acquaintances to hang with during the Rally.  It’s free, so join us for some early fun before the event officially begins.  We plan on handing out ice cream or something for the kids.  We are trying to get the kids together early so they might meet some friends to play with at the Rallys.



Paint and Sip


FMCA ENERGIZED would like to invite all attendees 21 years and older to its inaugural Paint ‘n Sip.  Join us Thursday, August 4, at 1:00 p.m. in the Massachusetts Room above the Storrowton Tavern in the Village.  You bring the enthusiasm . . . we provide the rest!  If you’ve never done anything like this before, you will be amazed at what you can paint with a little help from your friends.



This is a guided painting party where our expert artist will lead the each member of their group to make their own take-home masterpiece.  It’s fun!  Cost is $30.  Come and play with us . . . all attendees, 21 years and older, are invited!  A cash bar will also be provided. 

To register for this event use a credit card or paypal here-à



or call (413) 889-1880.  This event takes place on Thursday, August 4, so call right away to reserve your spot.  This event is first-come, first-serve until the event is sold out.  Sign up early to reserve your spot.



Dogz on Tour


Join FMCA ENERGIZED with the furry love of your life on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings for Dogz on Tour.  The walking tour will begin at 8:00 a.m. at the rear of the Coliseum (south side).  Bring your dog(s) on a leash and join us as we tour the Eastern States Exposition grounds.  Stroll among the venues and coaches and maybe meet some of your neighbors.  Drop in and out of the walk anytime. If you see us passing . . . join in.  Dogz on Tour will return to the starting point at around 8:45 a.m. Note: Remember to pick up after your pet(s). This event is subject to cancellation due to inclement weather (rain).  Please join the EZ-Text messaging service (see program guide for West Springfield or text “west springfield” to 313131 (393939 for Canada) to receive cancellation information (and other event alerts).  Dogz on Tour will be cancelled by 7:45 a.m. if weather prohibits the walk.  If you don’t receive a text by then, it’s on!  Come walk with us!  All are invited!



Discover FMCA ENERGIZED And The Under-60 Task Force


If you would like to find out more about FMCA ENERGIZED and the Under-60 Task Force, please take a moment to stop by the Discover FMCA ENERGIZED and the Under-60 Task Force discussion in Seminar 4 on Friday, August 5, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

FMCA ENERGIZED Performance Polo Shirts (order by July 10th) only $21 each




The first order of business for West Springfield is to get our Under 60 Task Force Polo Shirts ordered.

We are going with this high performance polo shirt, with the FMCA ENERGIZED Logo on the back, and the Under 60 Task Force artwork on the front (where a pocket would be) in Orange (so we can find each other)





Men can determine their required size by using this link or clicking on the picture aboveà


Women can determine their required size by using this link or clicking on the picture aboveà




Order your shirts no later than July 10 via email to FMCAUnder60TaskForce@gmail.com  cost will be around $21 each. 





Join the Conversation about the Under 60 Task Force and FMCA ENERGIZED!!




We currently communicate via three different methods.




We utilize occasional emails (feel free to email the moderator at FMCAUnder60TaskForce@gmail.com).




We have a Facebook FMCA FMCAENERGIZED Group page, this is the easiest way to keep informed…join our U60 Task Force Closed Group today!  --àhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/fmcau60taskforce/.




This is a “closed group” on Facebook which only means anyone can find the group and see who’s in it but only members can see posts.  Please request access via the Facebook Group page and join the discussions!




In addition to the Group Page on Facebook we also use our forum on the FMCA.com web site.  To get to this forum, if you have not already done so, you will first need to create a fmca.com sign-in account to access the FMCA forums.  Once you are signed in, you will notice the “Forums” tab near the top of that web page.  Click on the Forums tab and then Motorhome Forums from the pull-down list.  Once on the Motorhome Forums page you will find the FMCAENERGIZED Task Force Forum under the FMCA section.  All this can be accessed by clicking on this link also http://community.fmca.com/forum/118-under-60-task-force/.




If you are not on the Task Force and either you or your spouse is under the age of 60, please fill out our Under 60 Task Force form at the Rally Information Center Desk or by contacting Kathy Anderson in the FMCA office (kanderson@fmca.com) or phone 513-474-3622 or 800-543-3622.  




Remember to feel free to solicit new U60 Task Force members at the Rallys and tell them how to sign up so they can come to the U60 events at West Springfield. 




Task Force Membership is available to all FMCA members who have not yet turned 60.  Once on the Task Force, membership continues until your 65th birthday. 




Join us and Let’s Play!!




Jeff Walukonis


FMCA Under-Sixty Task Force/FMCA ENERGIZED Chairman




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You are in!!

Others under 60...send an email to KAnderson@fmca.com to join the Under 60 Task Force emailing list to receive quarterly updates and rally plans. 

As you can see we have our Task Force gatherings such as social hour and the Block Party and we also sponsor rally wide events such as DOGZ on Tour, KIDZ Meet n Greet and adults Paint N Sip at the West Springfieid Rally. These sponsored events are called FMCA ENERGIZED and open to all adult ages!  

You don't have to be under 60 to Come Play with Us at ENERGIZED events!

Check your West Springfield rally guide for the FMCA ENERGZED scheduled events.  

Any questions about ENERGIZED Events email FMCAENERGIZED@gmail.com

Jeff Walukonis

FMCA Under-60 Task Force Chairman



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