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Tachometer Problems

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My tachometer needle intermittently swings wildly, then settles down again.  When settled down, it is accurate.  It seems to swing wildly (sometimes but not always) when I depress the accelerator.  When I release the accelerator, it goes back to normal readings.

 I have a 2001 Safari with a Cummins ISC 350 and an Allison transmission.  Any ideas?   

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Smarksel, My first thought would be to check the connection of the sensor. They are exposed to the road elements and there could be a corrosion issue.

You did not mention any check engine issue, the sensor signal is also used to time the engine. A Cummins tech could check for any codes and also look at the connections.

Are you a member of the Cummins Power Club? Should you need some work done on the coach, members ship helps pay for parts and labor. Last I knew it was 10%.


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