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Here are some references regarding Zika and effects on older adults. 

AARP Bulletin

The Washington Post

The New York Times

The New York Times - Reference from Centers for Disease Control  This article specifically refers to Florida.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - Zika Home Page

From what I am reading here, there doesn't seem to be a great concern about older adults and how Zika affects them.  It seems to be generally a flu like disease with some joint pain.  The main period of illness is a week or less though some effects are reported to last for months in a few cases.  The bottom line is that we don't have enough data to really know but what we do know seems to support the above. The really frightening effects are related to the developing brain.  My brain is way beyond that! :P

Prevention is mainly avoiding mosquito bites.  Florida for it's part has been proactive with mosquito control efforts and based on my experiences, their expertise should be the best in the world.  They have been spraying and taking other steps to control mosquitoes for over 50 years.  Use a personal mosquito repellant when outdoors particularly in mosquito prone areas.

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Florida?  TX and AZ are having similar serious mosquito outbreaks.  If FL has 50 years of experience, why are there any mosquitoes there at all?  I guess someone might have been able to control the black plaque but if only half the folks died due to their expertise a whole bunch of folks still would have died.

We simply cannot stop mosquitoes and some of those mosquitoes will be carrying some kind of a disease or virus.  Some of us are going to get sick.  Some of us will die but in most cases, nothing will happen to anyone we know.  Unless I plan to travel to a known Zika zone outside the US (and I have a wife I hope to make pregnant) I think I will let "what be will be".

I don't like mosquitoes so I use mosquito repellent when necessary.  That's about it, I just don't like mosquitoes. 

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