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A Day in the Life of a Roadtrek



On June 22, 2013 – at sunset local time from coast to coast, across the U.S., into Canada, as far north as Alaska – 19 different Roadtrek owners took a photo of their Roadtrek.

Some were parked at campgrounds. Others in their driveway. Some drove to a special setting near their hometowns. I was at a rodeo in Cody, WY with mine.

The point was to get a photo of our Roadtrek motorhomes at sunset, wherever we were.

We’re thinking about doing this sort of thing a couple of times a year. Maybe for special occasions like the 4th of July (for Americans).

What do you think?

This little slide show shows what came of our first effort.

Should we do this again? When? Shall we theme the photos?


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