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  2. I have a couple questions about torquing my lug nuts. I just bought a 45ft Entegra Insignia and the owners manual says that the lugnuts should be torqued from 450-500 every 50-150 miles. Is it really necessary to torque them that often? Seems unreasonable unless I misunderstand. Also, what is the cheapest tool I can purchase to accomplish this? My torque wrench only goes up to 200 pounds Thanks in advance for any help or advise.
  3. In an enclosed tank, the little microbes, will clog up any size, from rabbit screen to cheese cloth!
  4. Tom, you been off the grid for a long time...great to know your back!
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  6. That's one thing we all fear...fire! Very sad to see that. My guess is that your truck was not free wheeling...what aux. break system did you have? Something odd & familiar about that picture....
  7. Why would we want to do snow, ice and mud? Bill, the Dude needs driving lessons, not 2x4's!
  8. How do they work in mud? Watched someone stick a 40' Tiffin yesterday he backed diagonally across the graveled area on his site and got in some soft stuff. The tred filled up and he couldn't get traction. I was out walking the dog and asked if he needed help and was told "No he knew what he was doing" So I just kept walking the dog. I might have learned something. They were stacking 2X6s to make 4X6s across in front of the tires that were 4-6 in down in the mud. Surprisingly the coach wouldn't climb out even with the throttle wide open. Bill
  9. I would do a pre-fit before actual use, even though they show them on a class A MH in one of the videos. The also show them used on a pickup and SUV, even though the initial wording says commercial use only. The video that really got me was the semi using them on solid ice covering pavement. It deflected the tire by at least 2" as it ran over the TruckClaw, that had to damage the belting. I would never use them on pavement after watching the video, the sock would be better for that use IMO. They would be a boon at a rainwater soaked rally field.
  10. So Sorry for your loss. Lets see if we can figure out how not to do that again. Bill
  11. Keith, we have the same issue after the coach sits all winter. But that’s it, once a year. DD mentioned lubing the S cams, have the tubes and slack adjusters been adequately lubed? we are both assuming you have air drum brakes? The clevis pins can also seize where the push rod connects to the slack adjuster and cause issues. Depending on the brake shoe compound might accelerate them rusting to the drums. If it were me I’d pull the wheels and have a good inspection performed, S cam bushings checked for excessive play. I have seen many that will bind due to bad bushings. They certainly shouldn’t wear out that soon but if never adequately lubed they certainly could fail in 15,000 miles. If they are air disc let me know. They can be quirky also, just much more $$ to fix.
  12. We use peppermint oil for Mice, supposedly works well for spiders and some other insects, I keep them in all year. Cotton balls soaked and placed in Dixie Condiment cups with holes punched in the lids. Joe I also keep an arsenal of sprays around. Depending on what I see when setting up ill spray my utilities coming up to the coach and around the tires.
  13. We run these at work. They work surprisingly well. https://www.raneystruckparts.com/searchresults.html?search_query=auto+socks&Search=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwz6PnBRCPARIsANOtCw22mpoD4alqzRchaPhX8JDTCzEGiC0RCkjdfYuz1JpDp_pv8hrCB3saAkfUEALw_wcB
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  15. I thought for sure they may have stuck but trucks ive driven with a similar brake before once loose your OK. But I've never received a chatter when applied after using either Where do you lube them? I haven't ever done that. keith
  16. Sounds like the brake shoes stuck to the drums from surface rust.
  17. Have the park brake shafts been lubed?
  18. I have started to go over my mh to prepare for summer trips I have a Damon essence diesel with air brakes. I had it running last week-- pressure built up so I released the brake and it acted like it was stuck on. After i revved up the engine it broke loose. I drove it to a shop to get oil and filters replaced it ran and acted fine. its never acted like it before but I haven't had it that long to know its only got 15k on it. I went to move it again week later and it did it again, I only moved it about 100 feet this time the brakes made a noise like they were sticking or or wanting to cling on. When I drive everything sounds fine just when I applied the brake. I wasn't sure if humidity was playing a part or not it has been wet as of late even at storage building. Keith
  19. This is an old post but it gives details for the replacement process we went through as well as information on the refrigerator we used Electrical considerations, and more are discussed in the following comments. We found a standard 4x6V battery set-up to work well for us over the years. We can go through the night without needing generator unless we're using the furnace heavily.
  20. Wow, A lot of damage ! Only driven for 10 miles, things had to heat up fast ! What braking system was install? Dealership installation? Rich.
  21. I know this was an older post, but last month we stayed at a CG in Anniston AL for 3 nights and picked up ants. It was off I-20 (Good Sams Campground Of Oxford-Talladega). I didn't notice anything when breaking camp. When we arrived in eastern Tennessee at our next stop and I opened the wet bay door there were thousands of ants crawling all over. I had about half of a one gallon jug of insect spray so I removed the top and splashed the whole jug inside the bay. After hooking up we went to the store and purchased 16 ant traps and 2 cans of ant spray. 8 of the traps went inside the coach and 8 was spread out in different basement compartments. I used a whole can of spray inside the coach around the baseboard, behind pantry shelves, under the sink, etc. For the next couple of days I found a few slow moving ants in the storage bays. By the 3rd or 4th day I only found dead ants and we haven't had an issue since. As a preventive measure I have left most of the traps in place plus I added about 20 dryer sheets to the basement storage areas. I know from past experience that dryer sheets are good for keeping mice away but someone told me they help with ants also. Beware of that CG we stayed in off of I-20 though, there were other reviews indicating there has been an ant problem there for awhile.
  22. cagauthier@juno.com, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Sorry for your loss. Was the cause of the fire determined? Matching toad braking system requires knowing what MOTORHOME and what TOAD you are considering. Also, whether you change toads often, or you will keep your toad for years. There is no "one system is best for all".
  23. Need extensive advise! Recently had a braking system installed on 2019 - F150. Something went wrong. Followed all instructions drove 10 miles …..Pickup and new Rv burnt up beyond repair. Fire started in truck. Need to match the best braking system to vehicle for safe traveling.
  24. I can see those things chewing into a tag wheel in a hurry. Herman
  25. Verify you have clearance to body and suspension components. If insufficient clearance, those things could do some SERIOUS damage.
  26. Yes Welcome, Great looking coach, I have not seen one of them before. Great pictures too. We were just in North Georgia a couple weeks ago, up by Road Atlanta, Helen and Cleveland. My goodness pretty country. B
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