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  2. Has anyone had any experience with Molar City, Los Algodones, Baja?
  3. Good, I am glad it didn't get overlooked. I haven't winterized, ok I have it plugged in and turned on the Oasis electric heating elements. I have the temps set at 45 but it keeps the basement nice and warm. We arn't forecast to have any real cold weather yet. OK we have had one day where it got to freezing so far and it was 78 the outher day. back to 55 on the temp rollercoaster. Bill
  4. My buddy had the same problem on his 2002 Horizon. He has lots of info for you. Email him at mstella2@nycap.rr.com He is having difficulty submitting his reply.
  5. OK, I have to ask. What is the VDC? This might help in getting you an answer
  6. It was stored inside until last month when they got in a new class C that had been broadsided and had a big hole in the starboard side. The shop owner said he had to pull mine outside so he could store the class C inside. Yep, winterized it 2 weeks ago. I had forgotten how, since this is the first time I've had to winterize in in about 8 years. After I got started it came back to me though.
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  8. Talked to Herman''s friend Joe and got an update. Herman is still paralyzed on the right side and has contracted a urinary tract infection since they put the feeding tube directly into his stomach. Once that clears up, hopefully by next week, he will be moved to a rehab facility. He is doing therapy six days a week, three hours at a time. Bobbi has requested that no emails be sent to Herman. He gets agitated because he is unable to answer. Keep Herman in your thoughts
  9. Ok care to expand on that a little? Bill
  10. I think they were all gas. I haven't heard of any thefts of the new style diesel mufflers/filters. They are expensive but don't have the metal that the thieves' are after. Bill
  11. Well I hope you get them moving. Is it stored inside? Did you get it winterised? Bill
  12. I spoke with the regional manager of Progressive appraisers last month, he said no they will not total the MH because their totaled (agreed value) in the policy for it is $47K, and no estimate is near that amount. So, everything hinges on the results of this 3rd party appraisal clause. I'm calling the body shop owner tomorrow for a sitrep, he was out of the shop today. The body shop owner told me, had I not had an agreed value in my policy I would have effectively lost my MH at whatever value they wished.
  13. With the new laws and restrictions put in place last fall, I suspect the market for stolen CATS, and their construction materials is drying up rather quickly. I spoke with the manager of a local scrap yard last month, he said now his company requires a photo ID and state-issued registration/license to sell CATS or derived materials to a salvage yard.
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  15. January 11-15, 2023 Indio, CA
  16. Alarms do have a tendency to scare away some thieves, but with a sawzall and 2 minutes or less to remove a cat converter, respond time would be dependent if a patrol car were nearby. Those are the chances thieves take knowing the outcome if they are caught. Short time in prison, parole, do it all over again. Curious, were the MH's gas or diesel? There are some motorcycle alarms that work off of vibration if it could be anchored to the converter. Sure would get there attention.
  17. Have 2001 Itasca Horizon, diesel. Air pressure and fuel gauge have stopped working. Can anyone tell me where to find the VDC. I switched gauge connectors (back pressure to front) and the gauge still didn't work.
  18. Do you need a catalytic converter where you are? You might be able to just replace it with a piece of pipe. Bill
  19. I agree with the shirt. Any more talk of totaling it? Sounds like you might be on the line or whatever the secret limit is for repair. I know you would rather fix it because of all the work you have done to it. Bill
  20. Three weeks ago we had the unpleasant experience of having the catalytic converter stolen from our motorhome while it was in our storage lot. Despite gate code entry, some surveillance cameras, and no sign of forced entry, three motorhomes had converters stolen. We are in the process dealing with insurance, no availability of OEM replacement converters and determining what after market units will work. It is very clear that there must be a market for stolen catalytic converters so the possibility that this could easily happen again we are considering if we should install an alarm system. Preferably I'd like to find an easy to install DIY system. Our hope is that a loud alarm maybe with flashing light would scare off the next thief. We have considered installing a cage with hardened bolts to make cutting out the converter harder but this doesn't seem like it would be effective. If anyone has experience with with any of this I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks, Tony Langton Irmo, South Carolina
  21. Rayin, The Campedium website is fantastic. I booked one leg of the trip tonight and was able to find reasonably priced spots on all of the other legs. So simple to use this site. Appreciate your experties. Warm regards, Dave
  22. Bill, no progress; still awaiting the results of the 3rd party appraisal referee. The 3rd party appraisal was nearly $5k more than the body shop estimate, and ~$16K more than the Progressive initial estimate. This reminds me, I should call in the morning for a sitrep; update for civilians. Wayne, I completely understand;
  23. Our motorhome and two others had the catalytic converters stolen about three weeks ago. We filed a police report but the storage facility has not been very helpful. The one entry gate does have video surveillance and requires a code to enter. The thefts occurred between 10/31/22 and 11/9/22. Our situation is complicated with lack of OEM converters. We do have insurance with $500 deductible. Any feedback on the performance of after market replacement units would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony Langton
  24. Texans are always polite, well most of us are. However, attitude begets attitude!!!
  25. We have a 33 ft Fleetwood bounder and flat tow a manual Elantra. 52 feet total length with bikes on the back of the car Thanks for the links to the websites guys. I use RvLife and also this handy site for state and national campsites. We try to stay in mostly state parks on the east coast. ALL US AND CANADA CAMPGROUNDS LOCATOR: STATE PARKS NATIONAL PARKS FORESTS MORE california oregon washington new york pennsylvania more (uscampgrounds.info)
  26. I suggest: https://www.allstays.com/ for one website, there are many more. https://www.campendium.com/ is another website that might be useful. If you like boondocking: https://publiclands.org/pages/recreationmap?=WY just type in the state name to view maps.
  27. RV park prices are relative to location IMO. While RV parks in Ft. Myers Beach were charging $1,300/month, area motels were charging $200/night minimum, and Harlingen TX RV parks were charging $550/ month. The big difference between FL and TX was; FL permanent residents were somewhat cool to snowbirds. TX permanent residents always seemed to welcome "winter Texans", and even published a newspaper especially to welcome them to the RGV.
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