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  3. Test TEST

    What more test? Bill
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  5. Tire Inflation

    Please note, The factory installed ALCOA rims are stamped Max pressure 80 lbs. The Michelin load range "E" tires are stamped Max pressure 80 lbs. So if I weigh the camper, check tire pressure via the way explain in the first part of this post at each wheel , i have to take weight away because I can NOT be above 80 lbs at the tire. To make matters worst , I tow a car at about 4000 lbs. SO, IF NOT TO WORRY, the answer is to buy a Class "A". OR take your bodies and food and clothes and leave all the rest in the garage. I just do not understand, you can't do four wheel weight check do pressure check via mention way at the start. Most class C are over weight to start by design. I have Firestone Air bags at the rear and move weight forward with air in them bags. Of course than comes the problem with Toe at the front end. So, I think we will weigh and clean out camper. Because there is no other way. Thank everybody two cents and I hope this post will make it clear enough the problem is. Mailman retired 40 years of service Vietnam vet disabled. Winnebago Class C 32 ft. Cambria 2014 Time for some fire side chat at the fire ring. Tim t
  6. Inverter/GFI

    Paul/ Must have been composing my thoughts while you were writing your success story. Good for you. Old guys rule!😉
  7. Inverter/GFI

    OK Sundance! Eight hours are up. I would have tried a new ground connection, but when I suggest anything unorthodox, I usually get hollered at by at least Carl. GFIs have caused trouble around our house of 41 years. Copper plumbing is a good source of ground.😎
  8. Inverter/GFI

    Hello all. For those interested, here is the rest of the story. Wayne wrote about the hot side of the GFI and how the hot wire had to be wired there etc. When I installed the two new GFI circuits I had blindly followed wire by wire installation. I would take black wire out of defective GFI and put in same slot in new one, then the white wires etc. After reading Wayne's missive I started dreaming abouit the problem during the night and woke up realizing I had never actually volt tested the wires coming into to the GFI outlet box to see if I was hooking up the correct wires to line feed and the correct ones to load feed. I simply followed what had worked for almost 8 years on the original install. Turns out somehow the original install had worked despite being installed backwards. The original GFI had panel wires in holes for load rather than for line. Rookie mistake even though I am still a 75 y/o rookie, I knew enough to put hot line wires from panel to line holes etc. Good lesson for me after spending hours checking wiring, duplex outlets, lights and fridge. Never assume anything even if it seemed to work in the past. I was very lucky in more ways than one. Many thanks to you all for your advice. Once again FMCA forum posters streered me in the right direction. Everything is working well at this point Fridge is down to 37F on Inverter. Paul
  9. Solar Goal Adequate?

    I understand the idea of solar panels on the roof of an RV owned by someone that enjoys dry camping (boondocking to greenhorns). However, I recently read an article about the heavy metals (toxic) in solar panels. Have thought that they would be a problem. What to do with them when the panels complete their life cycle? There is a nationwide craze of solar panel installation. Re: California will require them on new buildings. Where will all of this "bad stuff" go? We did a lot of dry camping with our first coach. Various federal campgrounds that offered almost nothing but a water source ( if that). were a favorite. Wish that we had a 2000 Watt Inverter Honda generator back then. They are remarkably quiet and fuel efficient.
  10. Tire Inflation

    Yes, the door placard is based on each axle being loaded to GAWR. That is NOT an assumption you want your life riding on. And, a LONG Class C is one of the more prone to being overloaded, so weighing is even more important.
  11. Breaker Location 03 Monaco Dynasty

    Checked the reset on the inverter, it wasnt tripped. Thanks!
  12. New Engine oil formulation question

    As long as the engine manufacturers sign off on it, that's as good as being in the manual.
  13. Breaker Location 03 Monaco Dynasty

    Check the breakers on your inverter/charge that are located right on the unit,. Typically they are a push to reset type. Jim
  14. Very well could be a RF18. We have been on the road for a few week and have been traveling in some hot weather, couldn't ask foe anything better. The rig is parked in El Paso while we are in Juarez visiting our son. I checked on it yesterday and refrigerator was 36 and freezer was -2, daily temperatures have been hovering around 100, Jim
  15. Breaker Location 03 Monaco Dynasty

    Bill Fighter, Check out your power cable in your Automatic Transfer Switch. See if you have 110 volts on both legs. Also how does it work with the Generator. Does it have power on both legs then? Herman
  16. Car Jackings

    Yep. It cane from me!
  17. Breaker Location 03 Monaco Dynasty

    Yes no 110 on the left side. Id say its just tripped somewhere. It was my fault, I only have one AC unit working at the moment so I plugged a portable ac unit into the outlet under the dinet table and after a few minutes it tripped something. I had asked a few people and they said they use portables all the time with no issues. Any way I ran the ac unit to the power post out side with a 12/3 extension and it seems to be working fine now. I just need my plugs back on Thanks!
  18. Test TEST

    He's here, read and still here...looking for there!
  19. Tire Inflation

    Tim. It don't matter what you have. Class C, B, A, Fifth Wheel or Tow behind. They all matter! You need to get your coach weight, with all stuff you normally carry, including fuel and water.
  20. Samsung is the residential choice of most, in the swap. They come in many different sizes, so fitting one in on top of furnace, is not a problem. You just can't get a 25cu. ft.!
  21. Test TEST

    I'm sorry but test what? Herman
  22. Gary you may have an issue with height. Herman
  23. Breaker Location 03 Monaco Dynasty

    Mine is in an overhead cabinet in the bed room. Do you show no power on one leg? Had an issue recently and found a cable issue. Replaced the plug. Herman
  24. Yes sir my furnace, duct work and propane detector are all under the fridge
  25. Gary, Do you have anything under your current refrigerator ? Herman
  26. Breaker Location 03 Monaco Dynasty

    I have tripped a breaker some where for the 110 outlets on the left side of the coach and I am having a hard time finding it. The breaker box in the bedroom is the only one I know of for the 110 stuff and none of them are tripped. I flipped them all off and back on just to make sure. Anyone have any ideas? 2003 Monaco Dynasty. Thanks for any help!
  27. Thanks I hear you with the No -Cold
  28. Test TEST

    Only a Test!
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