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  2. Thats her concern. What the heck if the red light comes on and the engine shuts down? Best scenario is she is in a climbing lane, otherwise she could completely block traffic. Unfortunately, I can see a class action lawsuit in the offing.
  3. She going over Wolf Pass? That's a huge safety issue! 🤬
  4. Welcome to the Forum! Is there a GFI on this line? I have had them for TV. The other thing could be, your ATS is not fully engaging when disconnecting from park power to Inverter/gen power. 90% of our electric problems is a bad ground.
  5. Joe's right. Hydraulic is used on the slide that has the heavy appliances and longer slide...mine is 27' 7". My other 2 slides are electric! I would say, Newmar King Aire is high end (New replacement cost on mine is $1,300,000). Back in 2002, Joe's was high end. I had a Allegro Bus, high end, with the cable slide in bedroom, constant problem! IMHO, Bean counters will do more cheap stuff on high end coaches than middle or low!
  6. Joss, Welcome to the Forum. Never had an issue with mine. Works well. Is this the first time you have had an issue? If so it could be just your location. If it doesn't get better once you move try calling FMCA during working hours and speak to the Tech Connect person. 513-474-3622 Herman
  7. I'm in Memphis, using my FMCA Mifi through Sprint, and service has really degraded. Is this because of the switch over to T-Mobile? Is FMCA working on a replacement program?
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  9. When we disconnect coach from power the breaker for the front half of the outlets pops within seconds to minutes with nothing plugged in to outlets. Doesnt do this with generator only when inverting. Back half of coach outlets ok. This is a 2000 Monico Dynasty. New breaker installed didnt correct. Two shops can't find anything wrong.
  10. I just read on a different forum that Spartan will only ship a DEF head if you have derated and engine is now shutdown. A poster has a 2018 Dutch Star and has 4 DEF fault codes but Spartan will not ship her a DEF until she gets the red light. Spartan told her to drive it until it shuts down. She just left Pagosa Springs and is not excited about crossing the Rockies with a good possibility of a shutdown ascending or descending 6-8% grades. https://rvforums.com/threads/otr-diagnostics-def-derate-faults.6326/
  11. Yep! Add in the humidity and the real feel is in the 90's. 😓
  12. Thank you for the data sheet. I'll check it out tonight.
  13. YES. It really depends on how low you run the DEF, and most of all EXPOSED CLIMATES. The colder the more frequented failures. Each manufacturer has had their problematic years. I have had Bosch units identical fail in 2019 more than the exact ones made in 2018. And when I say fail, I mean every 6000 miles your getting towed in. Eventually the manufacturer corrects the issue and they’ll last MAYBE 80,000 at that point, some just go longer for no reason. DON’T FORGET, there is a filter at the bottom of the tank that requires annual replacement. Depending on how/where your tank is mounted it could be a pain to access. It will clog just from being submerged, not so much of an issue with how much DEF flowed through it (like a fuel filter).
  14. Don, avoid cable slides, I’m not a fan of hydraulic but they are not terrible (just over engineered with a lot of components). Ours are rack and pinion electric with manual crank ins (just in case). Rack and pinion can be identified with long gear tracks if you look up in the basement area or under a deployed slide. Very simple design and everything is easily accessible should you have a problem. Wait- the next comment “I’ve never had issues with mine” YET should be in that phrase! The more links in a chain the better the chance of failure.
  15. It’s 80 and sunny. Too hot for you two? 59 and rain at home. I’ll take this any day over 59.
  16. https://commercial.bridgestone.com/content/dam/bcs-sites/bridgestone-ex/products/Databooks/Bridgestone-TBR-DataBook-v17.1-06-13-2017.pdf
  17. manholt, I saw your previous response to the OP. Since I am coach shopping and never owned one before you brought up something I never considered. I did not know they all did not operate using the same mechanical system. In your opinion is there one that is better than the other (ele/hyd) as far as reduced problems and robustness? Do you know which system is preferred and used by the higher end coach builders? Don
  18. I replaced my tires with Bridgestone R268 295/80R 22.5 tires. I am going to a CAT Scale this week and would like to have proper tire pressure for axle weight. (no four corner scales near me) I am having trouble finding the spec sheets from Bridgestone for proper pressure / weight. Would any one have access to this information or direct me to a source? Thanks
  19. Some extent that's true. The rigs that are heavy and have big HP engines are on Spartan chassis, not FLC. IMHO, Mike does not have a foreseeable DEF issue.
  20. True - but outer bearings don't require a new seal. That's on the back side.
  21. Ditto! There was a girl who ran the body work/paint shop, until she re married and got pregnant...she spent 7 months teaching the guy who runs it now....like Eric, my whole rear and a bay door got wiped out in 2015 on a AC Tradition 45'....9 days later, you could not tell it had been in a accident. I've used them since 2011. Don, where you at?
  22. Richard, if you plan to inspect your brakes the outer bearings must be removed anyway, EZ lube or not.
  23. That will be explained in your owners manual. It totally depends upon how you have your battery charger settings. In normal 3-stage charging it never quits charging, it will maintain a float charge forever unless you change the setting to a 2-stage charger, which is bulk, absorption, OFF. That's now my Xantrex RS2000 works.
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