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  2. Welcome aboard! I'm the sane one in this group.
  3. Welcome! Maintain realistic expectations. This MH is built on a metal spring(truck) suspension, it will always ride harsher than a MH with air springs. Handling improvements are many, but you must choose carefully to get the best combination. I agree with wildbill's recommendations. IMO after new shocks, the next step is to have a total alignment performed on the chassis. This insures the rear axle is correctly aligned with the center-line of the frame(commonly called Thrust angle), then the front wheels are aligned. Now you have a correct beginning point for handling improvement. If any truck wheel alignment shop tells you rear axle alignment cannot be corrected, FIND ANOTHER SHOP! The alignment technician is lacking in education.. Example. My MH chassis is a Spartan, the rear axle thrust angle was out by 3/4". It might have been that way from the factory, hitting a curb or backing into a wheel stop hard with one side.
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  5. Howdy! Curious about the RV you got.
  6. First, welcome to the forum. There are a lot of good upgrades that can be done. My first step would be to upgrade the shocks, I would look at the Koni FSD. Try Shock Warehouse. https://www.shockwarehouse.com/ . Personally I would back track bars at the same time. Found something interesting when looking. https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/Stage-3-2006-Ford-F53-Class-A-20-22K-GVWR-Handling-Kit Bill
  7. Instead of a dehumidifier we use a air dryer, used on boats to remove moisture. They are made by Davis, use very little power and no water to worry about.
  8. No kidding!!! I finally found it. Try this Erniee, get to a page that has the header with all the drop down boxes in black and white. The first heading to the right of the "FMCA" is Membership. Click on that then click on Dashboard. Scroll down till you find it on the left side. On my computer it is the 5th thing down and is red. Good luck in your search. Let me know if you find it. Bill
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  10. You don't need the drop down. When you log in, you will be directed to your Membership Dashboard automatically. Just scroll down that page and look for the red rectangle in the left-hand column which says Membership Directory in the middle of it.
  11. I did that but the software seems to jump all over the place and not stay on the dashboard drop down. This is a weird setup
  12. Once you're logged in at fmca.com you can go to your Membership Dashboard. Once their, scroll down and watch for the red rectangular link to the membership directory. You can search there in almost any way you'd like.
  13. There use to be a section where you could put in a membership number and find out the name. Can’t find it now
  14. I have a used 2015 36LA Allegro Open Road with what I believe is the original suspension and steering system. I was wondering what people find the best bang for the buck upgrades to improve road handling and ride may be? I've heard Liquid Suspension is the best but its upward of $12,000!! Anyone with experience would be greatly appreciated. I bough my BMB (Big Metal Box) a couple of years ago and drove it across the US and back to So Calif. This summer I'd like to take some trips (under 1500 miles ) in order to get ready to retire June 2022 and maybe go more... Thank You!
  15. Alas after spending 6 weeks in hospital, including 2 weeks in extended care facility I am now a tee-totaller. I underwent 9 Kidney dialysis treatments, the many reasons for which are immaterial. I'm off dialysis now, but with permanent kidney damage. I must change my lifestyle or stop having a life according to the 5 Dr.s that attended me in the hospital. I never want my wife to receive another call from a Dr. informing her that her husband is dying from multiple organ failures. Those 2 phone calls almost put her in the hospital too.
  16. Enjoyed looking at the tour sites.
  17. Here is an interesting read for the bourbon/whiskey connoisseurs. Bourbon doesn't have to be made in Kentucky. Here's why (courier-journal.com)
  18. What type of MiFi device do you get? Can you take the SIM card out and put it in a Pepwave router?
  19. According to a bill passed by Congress, bourbon is only distilled in Kentucky and aged in new white oak barrels. But who pays attention to laws anymore? Those barrels don’t go to waste. They are reused to age wine.
  20. Lee Greenwood is advertising a new bourbon, Soldier Valley being made in Nebraska.
  21. I agree, my temperature sensor was incorrectly installed by the last person who changed batteries. Xantrex specifies it should be mounted on a negative post under the cable terminals, ie: next to the battery.
  22. WOW! I read it all. Just the history alone, is worth the trip!
  23. Since we now know that bourbon and whiskey are the same in Tn., here is a list of the whiskey trail in Tn. https://www.tnwhiskeytrail.com/distilleries/ On my many trips to Tn., I learned that in a dry county in Tn., only the spirits made within that county can be sold in that county.
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