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  2. Staying With Windows 7

    Kay, I think they, the Govt., looks at the cost. A Windows desktop for the average worker can be les that $500 and an Apple computer over $1000. The math says it is cheaper to go Windows platforms. Richard, I really understand that the different platforms have to be used to meet specific software requirements. In 2015 CorelDraw worked with Parallels Desktop on a MAC running Windows software. I don't know if that would hold true today with upgrades but I'd be on the wager side it does. One of the other items of the PC World I didn't like was the proprietary software installed by the PC Manufacturer. I had a Hewlett Packard PC and it eventually started bogging down. Took some research and removal of their software to get to run faster.
  3. Tyron Bands

    Where can I purchase a removal tool for 22.5 inch tires?
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  5. A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    For R134 this is the cheap way out. Even has a gauge and full instructions. Saw this at Home Depot today
  6. Asheville NC to Franklin NC

    Good afternoon, we are in Asheville today and we are planning to leave here Tuesday and head to Franklin, NC. It looks like according to the map we will traveling on HWY 23 to Franklin. Has anyone traveled that route that could shed some light on the trip on that HWY ? Thank you.
  7. Natchez Trace Parkway

    We have driven it several times and quite enjoy the drive-- once in a 36 DP once in a 38 DP'.
  8. Natchez Trace Parkway

    From Natchez to Nashville. If you have driven this parkway, we would appreciate comments, suggestions. Is it big rig friendly? Don
  9. Cummins CAPS System Redesign

    Rich, my secondary filter has the water sensor to the dash light. Figured there was no reason to have 2. The other connection is a heater, no need for that either. LOL, on the hammer .
  10. Cummins CAPS System Redesign

    Joe, Do you keep a soft blow hammer in the bay to start the fuel pump? LOl just could not pass it up! Did you forget to connect the water in fuel connection? or is it no longer in use? Rich.
  11. Cummins CAPS System Redesign

    Old positioning
  12. Cummins CAPS System Redesign

    I moved some stuff around for better use of the space on hand. I also positioned the mechanical gauge so I can see it through the right side fuel door without having to open the big door.
  13. Inverter turning off

    Bill, I just added info. regarding the factory cutoff voltage level. Factory level is set at 11.00 volts, but is menu adjustable by the user. However ! There is a preset level of 5 watt load and lower and the inverter will power down and from my experience these system require a solid load of 5 watts to restart. They will not start when seeing a logic control board or other device below that level. I have set my Xantrex unit so it will stay on - even though the unit will use some power while in the idle state. Rich.
  14. Dr. D

    Best out there M&G
  15. looking for a used toad

    What are the requirements, at this point the choices are vast, 2 wheel, 4 wheel, off road, no off road, pick up or car, SUV, sedan...need a starting point
  16. Dr. D

    Iā€™m doing research on braking systems for towing a Jeep Wrangler. I will be pulling it with a 2011 Winnebago Tour. I appreciate any advise and recommendations.
  17. looking for a used toad

    Mel, Here is a good place to start your search:
  18. I am looking for a used, light weight, dependable 4 wheel down toad and looking for recommendations. Thanks Mel
  19. 2018 Tiffin 34pa suspension upgrade

    Only had diesel pushers, no gas rigs. But career in the automotive industry, so pretty familiar with gas chassis as well.
  20. Inverter turning off

    Could it be that the low cut off voltage is not low enough to prevent interruption. I had a similar problem last winter but the unit would come back on after battery voltage came back up. By that time implements would have shut off and have to be turned back on.
  21. Flat towing 2019 Jeep Cherokee

    That is true, ever since they came out with digital. Before then, you could (with a little effort), reverse the counter.
  22. Class A towing trailers

    Yes, and home rule does apply for this issue, if legal in your state, it applies in the contiguous 47.
  23. Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    We are here in Gillette and looking forward to a great Convention. If you would still like to get together on Thursday the 19th come to my coach around 5:00 PM. I am located in Lot "A". Front row the only coach with a U.S. Flag and a TEXAS Flag. Sorry there are no site numbers. (Brown and Tan Monaco Dynasty) I will be all over the place as Safety Officer. If you see me please stop and say hello. Look forward to seeing and visited with as many of you as possible. Herman
  24. Inverter turning off

    Carl, you could be onto something! New coaches have some bugs and a loose ground could be the issue. The item that keeps me scratching my hear is - only shuts down when on the road and the inverter is making power as far as I understand the OP. Lyle posted this though. Posted 9 hours ago Went off again last night while plugged into shore power and no fault codes mentioned. The factory battery level cutoff voltage is set at 11.00 volts. The inverter will shut down. With the coach connected to shore power unlikely issue. The inverter is set to power down if the load drops below 5 watts. This is a possible issue - can it be set to not turn off with little or no load? One might use a small light or other device that requires a constant load of 5 watts or more, to see if the inverter stops operating when the refrigerator or other loads drop below the low level set point . Lyle, you did not mention if the refrigerator warmed up - shore power was connected over night and the refrigerator should have continued to work with power supplied via the bypass relay circuit in the inverter. The manual mentions the the inverter should restart after an over temp event / when the temperature drops below a preset level - No info on what they set that temperature at. After a overload event happens one needs to manually restart the inverter. Think I,m reading the manual correctly ! I have no information on the primary wiring and how the EMS system that sheds loads while on shore power would work or interact with the inverter supplying power ? So the search goes on..... Not every piece of equipment is created equal. If the common ground is good at all points, then I would start wondering if there is something going on internally with the unit ??? They do have a limited warranty them for 3 years. Rich. There is a need for me to upgrade my organic microprocessor. Think I'm running on an older 8088 and updating to an I - 5 might help. Brett keeps telling me I need some cranial work. LOL
  25. Inverter turning off

    I'm thinking you have the same problem as FIVE had...Electrical, page 14. June 2016.
  26. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Thanks, I can now stop scratching my head.
  27. No power to house, generator, on 2002 Diplomat

    Tim, Welcome to the learning curve we have all been on and in most cases still are. No problem and the thing is you asked and offering our thoughts and time go with our interest to help. Regarding those battery cables, a number of us have also missed things. LOL Safe travels and thanks for offering the apologies. Rich.
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