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  2. See now you have a new project to look forward to. This is a link to a post I did a while ago. Bill
  3. Well got fuel at a loves in Palestine AR today. Used my EFS card. Pump price was $3.389 payed $3.109 or a $0.280 discount. I only bought 76 gal and saved $21.35 but it cost me $0.40 to use the card. Tell me why this isn't a good deal. Bill
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  5. Also investigate Braun's Under Vehicle lift, used by both Newmar & Winnebago.
  6. LATCH.IT is a great keyless entry door lock. It has a long operation distance, an all-metal body, and an easy-to-install process. You can consider it.
  7. Both the cards from TSD and TCS are nothing more than payment cards. Each will be accepted in many locations, but they usually have advantages over a regular credit card including being able to pump without dollar limits stopping the pump, ability to pay at the pump at a truck stop, and they both have discount pricing arranged through a network of dealers. Checking their apps/pricing guides will tell you where you can fill and get the best discounts. Ignore the pricing guides and you'll end up paying full retail (and a transaction fee sometimes.) Like Wayne, I'm filling in the larger truck stops for convenience regardless of the discount. So, if I can save $0.30 - $0.50 a gallon or more by checking an app before heading out for the day then why not? On our recent day it was just one more step in the daily route planning - chart my path for the day, and then go into the payment card's app to see what station along the route had the cheapest fuel.
  8. Here is a video that may be interest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PceY3hcsJSk
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  10. How long will you be there? It is about 100 miles. Watch out for low over passes. Bill
  11. I also use Truck Router for some planning, Also, when using Google Maps I'll get my directions then click on the MORE in the map pane and fill in the search with 'Truck Stops,' or 'RV Parks,' Makes for easy planning sometimes.
  12. Jim S, I'll take a .28 cent discount anytime. When I need fuel it doesn't mater to me what station I use as long as I can pull in, fuel up, drive out, and with the TSD EFS card that is what I can do. One time I had to go in and the clerk didn't know what happened at the pump. they scanned my EFS card said I was good to go to fuel up and did not have to come back in. I'll take convenience anytime. Also, watching the marquees along my route there wasn't any difference in price and my last savings at Loves was $14 . One must watch on the open roads app for discounted stations.
  13. Poly would probably make a big difference and I must admit I didn’t even think of changing them prior to a complete swap..
  14. We got out July 1st. Wanted to go earlier but youngest GD had graduation, etc. Beginning tomorrow we will be at I-35 RV park in Elm Mott. How close is that to where you will be.
  15. I found that replacing the rubber bushings in your sway bar with poleypropalean bushings helped stiffen up the ride. Bill
  16. Back to Fort Worth area. We will be back about Thursday. Been on the road since June19. Bill
  17. You can use the card at almost any big rig refueling station. However, as noted, most refuelers will be happy to accept your card, but if he/she is not in the TSD program you will pay full pump price and $1...not sure about the $1. The two most popular are Loves and Pilot/Flying J....Loves takes the card, Pilot/FJ does not.
  18. I fueled yesterday at Loves in Troy, TX; the pump price was $3.049 and with the TSD card my discounted price was $2.769.
  19. 12'5" and I always watch the signs and pre-plan my routing. When I see where a bridge is while planning I go to Google street view and read the sign. I had a campground in NY tell me "if we can get here with our trailer, you'll have no problems with a motorhome". Never went there, booked elsewhere!
  20. Mike, to answer your question NO! I see "professional" trucker drivers doing similar stuff (just as dangerous) all the time.
  21. Here is one, there are many available, google "lift for rv" https://www.discovermymobility.com/store/scooter-lifts/burr/handy-lift/index.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwhaaKBhBcEiwA8acsHI0Krw3vPBQKDdKeFemYuNNui5VldV8arKno4zoolDni4oOCRp4_xBoCY8IQAvD_BwE Good luck, the link that I sent is external, there are also some that are installed inside the door.
  22. But Wayne, Loves is usually much higher than other fuel stops so I question how "real" the discounts are to us.
  23. I agree. I used our TDS EFS card on a recent trip several times. At TA's I saved about 12 cents a gallon but that is about what I save using a VISA card I have which gives 5% charge back on fuel. Another time I used it at a Flying J and got penalized a dollar with no discount because they are not on the list. They need to sign up a lot more fueling places. These 25 to 30 cent discounts I heard about haven't come my way yet. I have no experience with the TCS card.
  24. Heading back to AK a few years ago driving through BC, Now this guy didn't forget anything!
  25. Make sure the wiring to the ac is correct. Check at ac roof connections. Have seen the ground wire on wrong connection on control board.
  26. My wife is disabled to the point where she cannot get up the steps in our 2002 35' Tiffin Allegro Workhorse without assistance. She wants to maintain her independence but is getting very discouraged. I'm thinking about some sort of ramp or lift at the entrance that would help get in and out without so much difficulty. Can a lift be attached externally above or below and or can some sort of folding ramp with railings be installed in the doorway? I tried to install hand rail at top of steps but couldn't properly secure. I would appreciate any suggestion Thank you in advance. Art Newbe To Class A Michigan
  27. Thanks my sentiments exactly, My thoughts are if you purchase a particular year RV you search older blogs for relevant information.. Manholt you make it up to AK look us up.
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