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  2. Thank you each again for your input. No I have not changed the wiring nor added any appliances. At the junction box, under the black tape is a brass connector that screw clamps the wires together, followed by what appears to be insulation tape, covered by black electric tape. When I get back to my RV I will look at the Generator connection before taking it to Onan Cummings. With your excellent comments I have several things to check. Thank you each for taking time to respond. Much appreciated........................
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  4. Has anyone used this system. I usually use gas buddy and find the least expensive diesel. The other day I found it for $2.59 and bought 96 gallons that I put in my tank in the back of my Silverado. Saved $48 over the average price of diesel in the area. It seems like the discounts they give you are off a expensive price and bottom line is your paying more.
  5. See discussion on IRV2 forum. Some like it and some don’t. Mostly buy at Love’s.
  6. I came across this today and looks like an interesting discount program for diesel fuel. https://www.tsdlogistics.com/services/fuel-program/ Any of you aware of this program?
  7. You know they have bait shops there right? It might be easier to just wait and buy some bait after you cross. Bill
  8. Patti, Welcome to the forum. Like Brett said what was going on when this happen or did you just noticed it? Bill
  9. Welcome to the forum. Do you have a small solar panel on the roof?
  10. Wyne, my experience on the last trip North East was some times PFJ was higher than the local competition but not $0.30+. When they are the same the 8 cent discount is nice. Some of the cheaper stations did not have good acess. Some of the cheaper stations were a long way from my rout and through unknown congested areas. I will pay a little more for the convenience factor. Gas Buddy is your friend. Used loves a couple of times. Yes you have to go inside and tell them how much you want and swipe your card. I usually tell them $350.00. Go pump what you need to fill up, then go get your receipt. They only charge for what you actually pump. (always pull forward first) Tell me what stations won't let you re start the pumps (after it maxes out) with the same card? I have never run into that. My fav local station is a Kroger. I have started the pump 3 times during one fill up with the same card, as they only go to 35 gal each time. Wish it was more when I have enough points to get a $1.00 off per gal. Bill
  11. Any one know where the Alfa See Ya power radio amplifier fuse is? I changed radios and the amp is not coming up so I believe it has blown a fuse, but I can"t find it.
  12. psavage9, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Was there an event/action that triggered the windshield falling out of the frame? Something like substantial twisting of the body while moving? While using jacks?
  13. Hello, I have a 2014 Thor ACE model 27.1. I have pretty much re-engineered my coach, even having it full body painted because the gel-coat failed. There is a long list but I was not prepared for the front windshield to fall out of it's frame. The only thing holding in right now are two straps and the windshield piece on the front of the coach. Is there anyone else who has had this experience? Thank you! Patti
  14. My Cummins 400 ISL has a large black reservoir in the back. It has a dip stick on it to check the fluid level. It holds 5 gallons of #46 hydraulic fluid and 3 filters. Herman
  15. Thanks Wolfe the cable is a heavier cable maybe size 10 or 8
  16. My 2014 Phaeton DP has the power steering hydraulic reservoir in the rear engine access near the radiator. The oil and trans level checks are there also. If you you and diesel pusher I imagine it's the same.
  17. pandphawaii1976, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. If the wire hooked to the middle battery is a telephone-type wire, probably a temperature probe for your inverter/charger.
  18. Looking for a picture or diagram that shows the wiring hookup for the house battery's.. having a problem and took the battery out of my mh and had checked. They checked good but battery's won't charge up pass low indicator and I have one wire on battery that is hooked to the center of the six volt battery's and don't understand why this is I bought the coach used and just change the battery's not to long ago and took picture before removing them any help would be appreciated. Can't seam to find anything so far on the net.. and holiday rambler has been no help..
  19. Do you think I can bring frozen bait (squid, mackerel)? It sounds like I can but the description doesn't seem that accurate as it pertains to bait. Already planning to do some clamming as well. Thanks.
  20. The Manual. Look under "Recreational Towing"
  21. An old thread, but my take is: No more going into a station, giving them your CC or telling them how much fuel you want, going back out, pumping fuel, going back inside to stand in line, retrieve receipt and CC, back out side. Oh, and after fueling move forward before going back in. With the PFJ Card, pull up to the pump run card, pump as much fuel as you need, drive off. Also get 6 to 8 cents off a gallon and I have not seen a 30 cent difference. I'll pay more attention to prices on next leg of trip As stated, it is the service station that sets the amount that can be placed on a CC when fueling. If there were not as many thieves driving off without paying prices may not have been set.
  22. As I write, we r heading to Premiere Truck Group just west of Knoxville for dash air issue—Freightliner Oasis Center. Called them first thing this morning and they told us to come on in and they’d see what they could do. Their service hours are 7am-midnight! Our blower on our dash air will work fine and then kicks down to very little volume. Heading south to Austin/Fredericksburg in July—yikes😒! Keep ya posted.
  23. I stumbled upon this website for replacement RV skylights. I figured this would be helpful locating the right replacement for a DIY project. https://www.eztopsworldwide.com/ Remember do not use silicone, this product works great with fiberglass roofs; https://www.geocelusa.com/product/pro-flex-rv-flexible-sealant/ Another alternative or use in conjunction with the Proflex; https://www.eternabond.com/
  24. Mine is a open at the top box and is plugged into wall, then about 4 feet there is a splice to the 30' of cord. If yours is the same, I would look at the splice & make sure the plug into coach is seated correctly (looks like a washing machine male, female plug)!
  25. Have you looked in your owners, Cummings or chassis manual? You can get all three from web, or call Tiffin with your VIN#, Model # and speech to Tech!
  26. What does the manual say regarding rv flat towing? You can also look in the FMCA Towable Guide.
  27. Stevenjett, 9 cents is easy for them. They over charge fuel by 30 cents a gallon and sometimes more. No thanks, I'll skip Flying J and Pilot. Ken
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