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  2. Guess I never really paid attention to it. Must be because I'm right all the time.👹
  3. HUH? I've used edit for years and never seen it go away, unless it contained something that Brett didn't like.
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  5. When the steps open or closes the motor continues to operate and it makes a sound like the gears are still trying to extend or close the steps. Is there a way to adjust motor/gear to stop after the steps are fully open or closed?? I have a 2008 Monaco LaPalma
  6. I'm going to be interested in how the savings are with that card. Keep us informed.
  7. Edit is only good for so long then it goes away. I'll just pester Brett if it is wrong. Might even blame him for....well, we'll see,
  8. No need for that, you can always go back and correct it by using "edit".
  9. jleamont

    EFS Card

    I just signed up for this on the FMCA home page.
  10. As you go higher or lower in altitude the pressure will increase or decrease 0.48 psi and the PSI will Increase/decrease 2.0 psi for every 10 degrees of temperature change. Let's assume your max tire pressure is 110 psi and your minimum load weight pressure is 90 psi. A fudge factor of 10 psi would make the minimum load weight 100 psi. If you go from sea level to 10,000 feet altitude you would raise 4.8 psi and with the 90 to 40 degree change in temperature you would drop 10 psi for an overall psi change of 5.2 psi. With the fudge factor of 10 psi you would still be within your minimum required load pressure. You can do the math for the inverse situation. I always set my tire pressure between the max the tire allows and the minimum required for the load. If you do not have the four corner weights then run max tire pressure allowed and be safe, only adjusting as needed when you get to your destination. There are other scenarios, I'll bet, and the closer the minimum and maximum tire pressures are, the less of a fudge factor is available. Tireman9, Roger, please correct me if this is not correct and I'll ask for the post to be removed.
  11. Oh ya! And I love the condiment (beer) as well, I don't think you could balance that meal any much better. btw...nice claws
  12. I purchased a 2020 Thor Omni also aka Magnitude super C on 6/13/19 and picked it up from Camping World Chattanooga, TN on 6/28/19. Before I was home from Camping World Chattanooga, TN, an 1,100 mile trip, I had noted twelve warranty problems. It has been three months and I have still not been able to use it because repairs can not and have not been made on the twelve warranty and safety recalls. Searching I found the Facebook Group and additional posting of huge horror stories and problems with Thor and Thor RVs along with Camping World's lack of responsiveness. This appears to be a Systemic Problem with Thor and Camping World. I would like to hear if anyone else is having similar problems with Thor and Camping World and how it may or may not been resolved. Please email me your information regarding your Thor motorhome problems and contact information. Don Wheat, dwalaskan@alaskancamper.com FMCA 2759
  13. 2011 Tiffin Allegro Open Road TGA
  14. Don, The VAST majority of the drop in PSI was because of temperature. Altitude has very little effect. And, yes, if you will be operating the coach in cold conditions, you will need to inflate the tires to the correct PSI for your load. Going from Texas summer heat to winter driving, I always have to add air.
  15. It was ALL ISX models that had problems, the problems depended on HP or year. The problems were different depending on HP. higher HP had Valve problems. They ALL had Ceramic Plunger issues with the injection pumps (this was based off of the engine year, not HP), camshaft issues and the list goes on.. below are a few examples on lower HP engines. Example 1; https://highwayandheavyparts.com/n-12896-cummins-isx-problems-and-failures.html Example 2; http://www.competitiondiesel.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-163822.html Example 3; https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2409873
  16. Only ISX-15 I heard of having the problems were the models rated for 650 HP. Have not heard of the 600 HP or lower HP models having the valve problems!
  17. I guess everyone is getting on the bandwagon.
  18. Take note, the ice cube "trick" does not work to clean a tank, sensors-perhaps, as ice floats. When one thinks about it, dumping 20# of ice cubes into 20G of tap water(1/2 tank) pretty much insures the ice will quickly melt. http://forum.prevostownersgroup.com/showthread.php?8173-Will-Ice-Cubes-Really-Clean-Your-Black-Water-Tank
  19. Only time will tell. Could go either way.
  20. We both love lobster, this was one of them: Would that be a balanced meal?
  21. FMCA just announced a new fuel discount card. From the web site. "It’s why we are excited to introduce the TCS Fuel Discount Card to help FMCA members save on diesel fuel, with discounts available at almost 1,100 locations nationwide! FUEL DISCOUNTS – TCS Fuel Card users can save an average of $0.34 per gallon on diesel fuel at in-network locations (savings can range between $0.05 and $0.70 per gallon)" Bill
  22. The trick is to inflate to 10% over your minimum air pressure as listed in the load/inflation chart. This eliminates the situation you have now, according to Tireman9. As long as your tire pressures are above minimum, no worries. Personally, I use the tire pressures listed on the Federal Tire Placard inside the vehicle, and never have to be concerned about altitude or temperature.
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  24. I think an ISC requires 2 950 CCA batteries.I also have Interstate SLA starting batteries. Today's AGM batteries may be charged alongside LA batteries, although the charging rates are slightly different. The downside is, you cannot equalize AGM batteries, which means the lead acid batteries on the same charger circuit cannot be equalized.
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