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  2. We are going to move to a 5th wheel after 6 years with our Class A Baby. Lots of updates. See RVTrader listing 2016 SportsCoach 360 DL. It’s priced well and will seriously consider ANY offer. Pell City, Al
  3. Try the TSD card instead. It is like an ATM card charging your own bank account. You have full control of the funds at all time!
  4. Agreed completely Herman! We were somewhat hesitant in the beginning as well; the old saying "if it looks to be good to be true, it probably is". We did go through the trouble to create a separate bank account, just for security purposes, and deposited a couple thousand dollars seed money in it. The savings is unbelievable!! We put between 30-40K miles each year on our Class A and saved almost .70 cents a gallon of the pump price at a TA a few months back; multiply that times the gallons we burn each year. The ability to pay at the pump without going inside is a big plus to me and we love the mobile app for fuel stop planning and directions! I highly recommend this card to anyone using large amounts of diesel fuel!
  5. TechConnect has done everything they can. They told me to contact Pepwave. I seem to get sent somewhere different be everyone. Pepwave has told me to update firmware to see if that resolves my problem. I am in the process of doing that.
  6. wildbill I'd rather it be repaired, nothing mechanical was/is affected by the broken front cap; I know the condition of my MH vs having to buy a different one, about which I know nothing. There is only $17K difference between repair estimate and totaling it though.
  7. Last week
  8. I believe that the AT&T plan is from Tech Connect and AT&T can't/won't help with it. You need to call FMCA Tech Tech and they will need information about your router/hotspot. The good news is most other plans say in the TOS that you must use it the device provided but I have read the AT&T card can be moved to a different device.
  9. Over the years I have had all tires balanced. Either spin balanced, which is my preference, or bead balanced if spin balancing was not available. Both have worked fine for me.
  10. Hi, I am using a SIM card that TechConnect sent me that is set up for my router and it does not connect. I may try the AT&T store to see if they can help. Thanks for your advice.
  11. I would rather do a traditional spin balance. I don't have any experience with the beads because I won't use them. Bill
  12. I found this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfx0ewR9AW4 I knew I would get the McDonalds answer. 🤣🤣 Well at Roadrunner RV Park, 4740 S I-35 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73129. Nice park just off I-35. You have to use Google to see it because it is all but invisible from the road. Had to get a tire on the CR-V fixed as I picked up a screw some place. It was a real slow leak but they can turn into a fast one so I went to Discount Tire hear in OKC. Ray hope they make up their mind. Which way are you leaning fix or replace? Bill
  13. Yea, it's the sunset view from the parking lot. Well guys, I got an update on our MH front cap repairs, yes they decided to repair instead of total our MH - so far. They have the used replacement parts in the shop now. The body shop will not make the final determination about final costs until after they have removed the windshields and inspected the metal framework. If it is bent/twisted it's a new ball game. Meanwhile I have a slightly empty 60'X40'X15' pole barn/MH garage. The upside is our RVing funds are growing rapidly. We had already decided to stay home this coming winter and work on our house, and are planning a 3-4 month trip next spring/summer to visit my cousin in Yahat's OR., see what remains of the Redwood forests in SW OR, and N.CA. again, then go see what the new Yellowstone NP looks like, then wing it from there. Those plans are cast in jello right now.
  14. This old thread began in April 2020, so what is already here is old news. Bag balancing is a bag of special beads that breaks the bag while driving, the beads then gravitate to the lightest spots around the tire to balance the tire. This requires special valve stems with special valve cores. I've never had this done, just speaking from what I've read on various RVing forums.
  15. Well, you’ll have to take it to a shop for the Inspection. PA law only allows the inspection to be performed at their place of business and there is a so many feet from the office clause (I believe it’s within 100 feet). Water heater, a mobile RV tech could certainly help with that.
  16. Hello Everyone I will be installing new tires soon, have them ordered, and I ask if the tire shop balances the tires he said the do what is called BAG BALANCE. Does anyone know how good that is?
  17. RGS I'm using Vrz Simm card and works well. Have you been to an at&t shop and provide them with your router's ID? They need to tie that ID with their simm card ID, in order for device to work on their network. Rober
  18. My T-Mobile home internet is being shipped today. The Tech connect is just too slow even after I upgraded to the supposedly faster speed.
  19. I have not had any luck getting my Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro LTEA working with the AT&T SIM card. It just sets there connecting for hours. Has anyone been able to get there system working with anything other than the Moxee?
  20. We are headed back to FW and the heat. Tonight we are in/at Downstream Casino Resort. You can stay in the RV park free at least one night if you sine up for a players card. Power and water only. I learned/saw something I had never never heard of or seen. A plastic beer cup (like a solo cup only clear) with about a one inch hole in the bottom covered with a magnetic disk. Important health and safety notice disturbing the disk will cause a loss of beer. They said it was so they could fill them from the bottom. Who knew this was a big needed improvement. Bill
  21. Today I used the Moxee in a strong signal area and ran a speedtest - 12mb up and down. Much better than it does at my house. I can't say I'll stay with it if I find what I figure is a better deal. I'm not done looking around.
  22. I just put my router is the basement compartment. It works great there. I also have a starlink mesh router inside that extends the router coverage area. It has work great and given us some fast speeds. The basement compartment has an area where the gasket come together and that is where I run the wire into the basement. Love having good cellular wifi so we can use our phones in the area with no cellular signal. It is also unlimited downloads.
  23. A challenge with any routing solution will be the connections. If you don't want to "cut the cord" so to speak, you'll have to be constantly pulling the the connectors in and out. If you do cut the cord to make a clean connection between the inside and outside of the RV, you'll need to know what you're doing. For now, we're passing the cable through the driver side window and 'sealing' that tiny space with pipe insulation (cut a slit in the insulation and hang it over the glass) when we're stopped. While removing the connector from the Starlink router is fairly straightforward and relatively safe, there is ample evidence to suggest that the Dishy connection should remain in place at all times to avoid bending or breaking that metal connector. The proprietary connector wasn't designed for frequent disconnections, and there are plenty or reports of Dishy being "disconnected" from the router because its connection becomes compromised by frequent connections and disconnections. So I'm aiming to just leave that connection (to Dishy) in place all the time. So far, so good, but it would be nice to not have to bring the wire in through the window. Alternatively, I think we could bring it in through the slide, but I am concerned about the wire getting crimped when the slide is fully extended. I've seen some installations where a RJ45 connector is used … it plugs into a port on the RV from Dishy and then inside it can be connected to the router. That way, you don't have to compromise either of the connections to Dishy or Router. You just have to be confident you can make the two RJ45 connections once you've cut the cord. Not in my limited IT skill set, though I suspect I should learn how …
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