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  2. I don't remember what float charge(update-none listed) is listed in the manual. I do know the Exide website listed 14.8 as maximum float voltage. That IMO was 1 full volt too high, but Exide must know their products. The Xantrex RS2000 owners manual, on pg 3-19 only discusses what is user configurable charger settings: http://www.xantrex.com/documents/Discontinued-Products/RS2000_Sine_Wave_Inverter-Charger_Operation_Guide(975-0125-01-01_Rev-A).pdf Another section states settings not discussed may only be changed by a dealer, or Xantrex technician. My only way to affect those settings is by reducing the total AH of all batteries, 5 in my case, 2 start, 3 house. I have the charger setting at 300AH(this does not include the start battery AH. This means the charge rate is divided by 5, ie: maximum 60A charge rate. BTW, when I first turned the inverter/charger after installing new batteries, the readout said; voltage 12.2, then bulk charging at 15V @39A. That slowly lowered to absorption rate, then off=not charging. I'm wondering if the old dead batteries have affected the inverter/charger, if that is the case I'll buy a new Xantrex SW3012 =3,000w inverter @ 12V, 150A charger.
  3. 14.1 float is too high. What does your Xantrex manual suggest is proper float voltage??? Yes, short term defense to long-term over charging is exactly what you did.
  4. Since purchase I've left the setting for 3-stage charging; bulk, absorption, float. That set of 3 Exide deep-cycle 12V batteries lasted 4 yrs 7 mos. After re-reading my owners manual I changed the setting to 2-stage, bulk, absorption, the float is replaced by off. The Xantrex charger senses when the batteries require charging and turn on the charging process. I'll see how this set of new batteries last. BTW, the float is 14.1V@ 51° by battery temp sensor. Float setting can only be changed by Xantrex technician per the online manual. Am I being naive to think this way?
  5. Well, depends upon your outlook, 26°F, wind gusts to 30 MPH. This coming Monday morning forecast 11°, clear sky - light wind. A week ago we were warmer than Houston_. I have a 150,000 btu kerosene torpedo heater in the RV garage, so let the wind howl. I work well when temps are 40-50° as long as there is no wind.
  6. "A water heated vaporizer" on an RV???
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  8. Propane under high temperatures will drop the oil out of the vapour when running a water heated vaporizer you need to add a 140 degree inline thermostat if you are using this in a hot climate or if the coolant water you are using is to hot running off high pressure vapour from tank is good unless you are in cold weather and constant run with a low fuel level as tank could start to ice and lower the pressure
  9. I hope it’s warm where you are!
  10. No pictures of anything. I used Last Glue to repair the camera antenna and reinstalled it this morning. I must order the shield from WinnebagoParts.com Monday.If they cannot supply one, I'll have to resort to finding someone with a 3-D printer. That was one time thing, that bird will never have the guts to dive bomb a MH again. Shoot, forgot to clean off the dried blood while I had the ladder in position; there is always tomorrow though.
  11. I think it was BIRDS not a bird strike. Herman
  12. Birds do some dumb things or just fail to pay attention of there surroundings at times. One very large ravine. committed suicide on The Yellow head Rt 16 in BC, Canada back a number of years ago. So glad I had installed a front crash bar before we left home. The bird hit so hard it sprung the top drivers corner back into the front fiberglass cowling that cracked the fiberglass. It was installed to prevent 4 legged critters from causing damage , not a 10 to 15 lb. dive bomber. Much higher up and the bird would have been in my lap! Rich.
  13. The process was to cycle the key eight times, at which time the locks should reset, indicating that the module is ready for programming. Since that did not happen after I cycled the key as directed, I think it is safe to assume that there is no remote access module in the vehicle. And therefore it does not matter which key fobs I am in possession of. So, to persue this seems to require a trip to the Ford dealer. And, I will likely go ahead and spring for a new Fob when I do that. Thanks all for the input.
  14. I've seen that note on many hotspot services but I think it's marketing BS. The carrier would have to be intercepting every person's video stream, decrypt the HTTPS (which they should not be able to do) and then transmit a request as you to lower the resolution. That may have worked when the streaming services were not using HTTPS as everyone does now. We use the FMCA Sprint service with a Roku. The TV's are 720p because they're 38" and 42" so a higher resolution would not be noticed. Everything we stream is crystal clear, Netflix, Amazon Prime, whatever. I've actually streamed Netflix for hours via my Verizon phone hotspot, which is limited to 0.6 M/bps, with full resolution and very little buffering. See this link for what Netflix says you need: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/306 We've had the FMCA Sprint service for about five months and have used it every day all day for the past two months. Other than spotty service where we are right now it's worked great. Ray
  15. My FMCA Franklin R910 suffered a bulging battery and actually popped the back cover off. I received the new Inseego Mifi 8000 last week as a replacement. It's supposed to be the same hardware as the Verizon 8800L Mifi device. The Mifi 8000 is what Sprint is now selling to their customers instead of the Franklin R910 and it can have an external antenna connected to it. It would not activate so I worked through the FMCA TechConnect page and Aaron White (Membership Services Manager) responded, who was fantastic to deal with. He is extremely responsive and competent. It turned out that FMCA needed to contact Sprint to get the phone number moved from the Franklin R910 to the Mifi 8000 and then it just started working, probably because the Mifi was a replacement device provided by Asurion and shipped directly to me. I knew when it switched because the R910 stopped working. :) There is a firmware update that may be needed on the original Mifi 8000 devices, firmware 1S but mine had it when it was shipped to me from Asurion. Aaron provided the firmware update directions in case that was the problem but it wasn't. The area we're in right now is kind of spotty on coverage. If you understand signal strengths the Mifi is showing -122 to -125 dbm, which is quite weak. Sprint's map shows I need to relocate out of the campground in any direction for about a mile and coverage will be fine, of course. I just ordered a directional antenna from Amazon for these areas so we'll see how it works when it arrives in a week or so. https://www.amazon.com/Inseego-Hotspot-External-Periodic-Low-Loss/dp/B07XY7D6VS/ref=sr_1_3?crid=J9KLSCWPJCPR&keywords=mifi+8000+mobile+hotspot+external+antenna&qid=1579362721&sprefix=mifi+8000%2Caps%2C216&sr=8-3 HTH, Ray
  16. Wasn't it a bird strike that put flight 1549 in the Hudson river? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/US_Airways_Flight_1549 Birds can be a nuisance.
  17. On the 2001 Suncuiser I previously owned, the check valves were accessible at the back of the water heater by crawling into the adjoining basement compartment. There are two check valves, one on the inlet, another on the outlet. Was a tight maneuver but doable... As I recall they are inexpensive, like $20 or less each.
  18. I picked up coach At repair facility yesterday in Elkhart And drove it 120 miles into MI and had to put it away for the winter due to winter storm that hit us. the blinkers and flashers were blinking very fast (& also corresponding flash on dash blinker). As I drove, I noticed that blinker wasn’t flashing but was hardly lit on dash when activated. (I had moved the tilt wheel prior to this starting). My brother was following me in my car and he felt like the blinker response changed based on whether I had hit the brakes before blinker. Passenger brake light was erratic-sometimes would work others not. I did print all the comments and showed them to repair guy. He said it was electronic flasher style, he put all new filament type bulbs in and he felt there was a skinned wire in the harness going to ground as all other visible wires, bulbs & sockets were investigated. i will investigate again in the spring. Thank you for your replies!
  19. I have heard of tailgating but never by a bird. Herman
  20. Wow, that’s an interesting find! Do you have photos?
  21. As puff mentioned, year make and model all played a role in which remote part number was correct for the application. Sadly several looked alike.
  22. I think your assessment is correct. Usually there is a backflow prevention device/check valve in the hot water outlet from the heater, another in the cold water inlet to prevent how water from expanding and pushing back into the cold water line. I can see my hot water check valve if I lay down and look up just right, to get to it I'd have to remove everything blocking access, water pump, automatic winterizing antifreeze tank, accumulator tank, and all associated water lines and solenoids. Do a 20 minute job, then reverse the access work. An all-day job all told for this 77 yr old. Some are all plastic BTW.
  23. There is a long thread about this occurrence, on irv2.com. That person got oil in the regulator and low-pressure lines. From that thread I learned Ethyl Mercaptan contains no oil. When I was a firefighter I was taught it was an oily substance, now I know that was not true. nj.gov/health/eoh/rtkweb/documents/fs/0894.pdf This explains in detail what Brett talked about: https://www.tarantin.com/blog/propane-101/oil-from-the-vaporizer
  24. My rear wireless camera has been flickering sporadically, but I thought little about it, just interference I told myself. Wednesday we took our MH for a long drive, just to get out of the house and exercise the MH. Yesterday I washed off the black dirt rain was washing off the pavement. Our MH has a large rear spoiler, there was som dark dirt on the underside of the spoiler and I was trying to wash it away with my long wash brush but it was stubborn. I bumped the rear camera and the antenna fell off. When I climbed my ladder to replace the antenna, I noted the black dirt was actually dried blood. Then I noticed the camera protective shroud was broken. Evidently a bird flew low and was hit by the spoiler at some point, then bounced down and hit the camera housing and broke off the antenna threaded connection. I would never have imagined such an occurrence. Now I'll be calling WinnebagoParts 800-933-7742 to order a new housing, if one is available for our MH, and ordering a new antenna from Voyager/Jensen. It never ends when owning a motorhome.
  25. Death Valley in the winter is milder than you expect.... summer is when you can expect 110+ days and 30 or less nights! Cat's hang 10, now that is a vision! 😂
  26. Ok we survived a wind storm last night that's very common for this area. We are leaving here for Quartzite Sunday morning. Hopefully we can order and get the shades then. For $50 per window x 10 we are going to install them ourselves. We don't like the black screen so we are going with single rollers that is a cream color that matches the interior. I can see how to get the old ones off without pulling the valance but may have to pull the valance for the new ones. We will be in quartzite until the 24th. Afterwards DW wants come back here to Sam's Family Spas until the 10th of next month. Then she wants to go to Vegas, NV for about a week and then to Death Valley for our last stop.
  27. Welcome to the forum. Most water heaters have acess to get to the bypass valves for winterizing. Look and see if you can get to the valve from this acess. Bill
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