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  2. Taylor's Point.We are directly across the street from the Maritime Academy. Canal to the left, bay to the right and the marina very close. When in the canal during tide changes it can be creepy and pack spare shorts. I've been out there plenty of times and thought this was it. One of the reasons for a Boston Whaler. David
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  4. In New England drop the R and replace it with an A , example; Car is pronounced CAAAAA
  5. Does anyone know where the Taillight Converter is on a 2005 Safari Trek.
  6. Does anyone know of a repair shop in NJ. My roller on my slide is stuck. Also I have a short in my antenna up wire. When I raise the antenna it will blow the 7.5 fuse for the antenna level fuse. Thinking of having some painting done too. Thank you
  7. In Texas Bourne, TX is pronounced Burnie. What say you.
  8. Bought, seasoned, and have used a Char-Griller. Bigger and heavier than I had intended but well built. Very pleased with it, particularly the slide-out charcoal/ash drawer that makes cleaning for bay stowage a cinch. Let the coals burn out overnight and in the morning pull the drawer out, dump the ash in the fire ring, wash and brush-scrub the bottom of the drawer and the cooking grills, and put it up clean.
  9. I haven't heard of any problems with them. huffypuff Just got a new Entergra Anthem 44B he might have more insight. Something to look at. https://www.nirvc.com/Sales/Inventory/4944 or https://www.nirvc.com/Sales/Inventory/3947B This is the place I bought my coach. I do recommend them. Bill
  10. Where are you down by the ship canal? I remember watching boats having a hard time making progress when the tide was running. Bill
  11. Euphoria2me, Welcome to the forum. Ithink Joe is on to something with the wax valve. The first thing I would do is see what the fan speed is when it is hot. I am betting it isn't locked at high speed. (one of the common problems) Let us know what you find. Bill
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  13. Another possibility, Has the cooling system thermostat been checked or replaced? How is the lower radiator hose? If it is soft and squishy(technical term there) It can collapse when the water pump is working fast.
  14. Keep in mind, although most commonly call it an extended warranty, IT IS NOT; it is an extended service contract, by law. It is quite similar to a health insurance contract. It will pay for specified ailments/ failures for machinery only when you follow the contract requirements exactly. That said, when we bought our MH it had been parked in a barn for 8 years. We assumed it might have several things not working or would stop working in the near future. The 3-year ESC more than paid back the premium and deductibles for the coach portion, no claims were filed for the chassis portion. Our MH is too old to be covered by an ESC, 15 yrs is the maximum. Two weeks ago the fuel distributor in the injector fuel pump failed, Cummins Great Plains has completed the repair for a total of $5,050. Had the entire injector fuel pump required replacement the estimate was $10,080. Sure wish I could have had an extended service contract. Our MH has only 49,xxx miles on it, which leads me to suspect this failure may be connected to the 8 years of storage, because I asked if bio-diesel might be a factor and was told no is it not a factor.
  15. Just wanted to add that Megasorber is working on a distributor in the States selling their products.
  16. Another thought. Replace the water pump with the newly designed for more water flow. Here’s an example of the difference. OEM Cummins is the only one making the new version.the old one is the all metal.
  17. We are looking into our buying or next motorhome and was wondering about the pros and cons on the Cornerstones vs say 16-18 Newmar Essex or King Aires or Mountain Aires
  18. Members Location:Oklahoma I travel:With children,With Pets It has been awhile since the last post, and I am happy to say the problem was the wiring harnesses on the LBCU. Very easy to fix, and have to give it up to Freightliner on getting me the parts quickly. Thanks for the help.
  19. I have a 2007 Fleetwood Expedition that had a problem some years back that the air guage would drop and set off an alarm, and it was a wiring harness underneath the steering wheel horn cover. real easy to replace, called freightliner for harness and it came the next day, and haven't had problem since, probably was five or six years ago.
  20. Carl, it looks like they have been married longer than you. New, younger full timers seems to be a excellent place for FMCA to apply more recruiting effort. With over 1.5 Million. full timers out there and more going full time every day. Bill
  21. Doc, since you don't seem to be in a rush and would like to take you time and see a bit. Here is a route you may enjoy. Hwy 59 north to Livingston. You could make an appointment and have your coach weighted. On north on Hwy 59 to Lufkin then to Nacogdoches Tour the Foretravel Plant and stop in at Motorhomes of Texas. Who knows you might find a coach you can't live without. From Nac you can take Hwy 21 and Louisiana 6 Natchitoches, Louisiana. Take Hwy 84 to Natchez, Mississippi then Hwy 61 to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Take I-12 out of Baton Rouge to 1-10 on to Biloxi, MS, Pascagoula, MS and into Mobile Alabama. While you are in Mobile you could also venture over to Pensacola and maybe see the Blue Angles. Not the most direct but a heck of a lot of great things to see and do. Herman
  22. As Carl pointed out, 190. I'd take that all the way to Covington and then drop down to I-12.
  23. Sorry, I didn't see this thread until now. Progressive is my go to insurance for the RV. thinking of switching my car insurance to them also. My previous 2008 MH had hail damage and Progressive paid the $19,000 new roof without any type of squabble. That same MH about 3 or 4 years later got totaled by Hurricane Harvey. Progressive paid me what I paid for it, no squabble. When I say what I paid for it - NO depreciation. That gave me the full value I declared when I purchased it. Nice down payment on my present one. Present MH had mouse damage. First time in 14 years parked at the storage unit. Crap happens. Progressive did ask questions and the important one was "Did you check on your MH at least every two weeks." Yes, we did and still do. Yep, Progressive would be my go to answer.
  24. Much appreciated! Thanks!! PS. New fluid and cap.
  25. We just received snail mail From FMCA that we can now get RV financing from a new partner. They offered financing & refinancing on RV’s...I browsed it but threw it away because I figured I could get the information online @FMCA’s website...well, I have spent a good portion of the morning and have not been able to find the name of the business. Did anyone else get the same FMCA letter & happen to remember what the name of the financial institution that FMCA was promoting? Any help would be appreciated. thanks, GTEman & woman
  26. Last week we purchased a small house in Bourne, MA. Already thinking set up for MH (ours)....lol
  27. I just called Fantasy to see about our Fall Harvest in Sept. Not official but the lady said it most likely will be canceled. Shoot, that would have been our 1st with them. No refund so we will just book next year same trip. David
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