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  3. This is what I use, https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-BULLET-M2-HP-Outdoor-802-11-M2HP/dp/B002SYS22E/ref=asc_df_B002SYS22E/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312111900416&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=12836671893647210508&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9030244&hvtargid=pla-353335656412&psc=1 this is a 1 watt or 1000mw Wi-Fi amplifier, I screw this bullet directly into this antenna, NO COAX. https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Connector-Amplifier-Tupavco-TP551/dp/B07YGPDPW8/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=outdoor+wi-fi+antenna&qid=1582427130&s=electronics&sr=1-12 I removed my bat wing antenna, and connected the antenna to the winguard system then you install the router of your choice inside your coach, and connect the two. when you arrive at your location, you simply fire up your laptop and look for Wi-Fi SSID , and log in. The outside wi-fi will be re broadcasted inside your coach under your SSID.
  4. I use Garmin 760, cell phone with google maps, and still drove around in circles for an hour in Dallas last month. Very unhappy when driving something 13-3 tall, 45 feet long and 50,000 pounds.
  5. I sent a PM to the OP, but no response yet. Herman
  6. Sounds to me that a charge wire is needed for the toad to keep the battery from draining. And as Carl said check out the owners manual for instructions concerning keeping the chassis batteries from discharging and or making sure that it is being charged while sitting.
  7. Beautiful rig Linda, congratulations on both.
  8. These are obviously air brakes and the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal are much or just alike as are nearly all air brake installations are. I have not seen any other style myself but there could be. The fact that the accelerator is on the right and the brake is on the left should be enough to know the difference though this being the OP's first encounter with such a configuration. Just getting used to that fact will soon become a norm most likely. I find the pedals being close to each other and not having to move the foot so far while changing for accel to brake is much more comfortable that driving a car, as well as the fact that these are air brakes not requiring so much force to stop renders a more useful atmosphere because the air brake would be so easy to step on too hard causing an abrupt stopping and discomfort too all on board. Just take it easy, you will soon learn to appreciate the design.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Never had a problem.I can't see the pedals anyway. Go on the right stop on the left. You don't have to find a clutch pedal. Bill
  10. Great picture Ray, thanks for reminding us what it's all about. Herman
  11. This is dedicated to the fallen and maimed military;
  12. Your only option would be to alter the pedal pad. locating a shop willing to take on that liability will be difficult. That’s a huge risk for a business to take. Anything else would be more of a pain than it’s worth I.e. replacing the valve and lever.
  13. Linda, congratulations, it took me a few seconds...that coach looked familiar, then I read the rest of your post
  14. Yesterday
  15. Knistler. Welcome to the Forum! I leave my inverter on when hooked up to the 50 amp shore power, it charges the start batteries. Your owners manual on your toad, should have instructions on Flat towing. Follow the instructions, do not take short cuts.
  16. Kay, thanks, I should have guessed that. Boogy lights is the way to go. Have Blue/Red/white under my MC trike! Not cheap, but still there and works, 8 years now!
  17. I have replaced my toad battery and chassis Rv battery with new AGM batteries and still have the same issues. The issue is battery drain. 2009 Winn Adv 38N. On the chassis side after only 4-5 days my chassis battery will be totally dead, Even with its plugged into shore power. I don’t have a Tric L Charger installed however after that short of time I Don’t think the chassis should be dead so soon. Now the Toad issue. 2016 Chevy Equinox. Flat tow. Pull the fuse for antilock brakes. Put in neutral and turn key to acc. Everything is shut off. After 4-5 hours of towing the battery is almost dead so we run it 15 minutes to recharge however 2 hours later when we get to the campground the battery is totally dead. Sometimes even our small jump pack won’t start it and we have to use our large one. Even added a RVi brand charger to the mix a couple weeks ago. Worked ok for 2 days then it stopped doing the job only to have a dead battery. Had found a blown fuse on the RVi wiring harness when we stopped at the last campground. Not sure what is going on however it has been extremely frustrating. Thnx for the help.
  18. Sorry Carl to not explain, Red, Green, Blue Yellow, multicolor and you choose the color and combination.
  19. Bill, I think once the deterioration begins there is no turning back. If it’s nice you stand a good chance of keep it that way.
  20. Be extremely careful that the tiers you are looking at are the proper load range for your coach. I see that Hankook still does not show load range for the tires listed in the chart. By the way Continentals are still cheaper. I think they are cheaper than the Toyos to. I was going to replace my 6 back tires with Continentals but someone was nice enough to put Toyos on for me. So maybe next time. Bill
  21. Joe, I will keep you informed. This 2008 coach looks so good at first I didn't think it had it. But on close exam you can see the edges. (makes me think it has been replaced) The 2007 coach I looked at you could see it from 50' It had the usual crazed surface with mold growing in and under the surface giving it that nice gray black patina. I wonder if the303 would help one in that condition. Maybe someone with the problem can try it and let us know. Bill
  22. Goodyear G670's have a tendency to wear the outside of the steer tires. I have had good luck with my Toyo's. They wear good and are 1/2 the price of Michelins. Herman
  23. You might take a look at this thread. The tier size might not be the same as your's , but the information will help you understand the variables one needs to consider. This information is posted in the Tires thread. Rich. Hankook 275/80/22.5 Vs Michelin same size
  24. Just think, I get 198% from those two sources.😁
  25. One has to watch on how many leds to the inch/foot are on the strip. Few leds will render a dimmer light.
  26. Thinking about some new tires for my Holiday Rambler. I have 295 80 R22.5 Good Year tires now. Does anyone have any experience with Hankook Tires as they are a lot cheaper than Michelin.
  27. I’ll pm you so we don’t hi jack this post.
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