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  2. My friend's heater ignition won't light when he camps in high altitude, but works fine at home near sea level.
  3. We live in AZ but are willing to travel to pick up. Wheel chair lift and Roll-in shower are must haves. 3 years old max or possibly older in superb condition. All lengths considered.
  4. I would second that. I had one rupture on a old 1978 Executive I had and when I lit the stove I had flames up inside the vent a hood. Plenty of excitment. Bill
  5. Excellent job with the diagnostics. But, on a 9-10 year old propane regulator that was way out of spec, I STRONGLY recommend replacing it. They are under $25.
  6. Hey Manholt--it's 21 feet from the pin to the rear bumper and I went ahead and made my own pressure tester. Sure enough, the pressure was well below the 10-11 inches of water column! Turns out the regulator is adjustable. After unscrewing the cap I was able to turn a disc which, wouldn't you know it, pushed the pressure right on back up there. Going to give it a run and see how it goes now for the next 24 hours. Certainly read in many places to check the regulator. Never suspected that the regulator was adjustable. That means I've been running at below pressure for years since I put in the replacement reg. I bet our coffee will be ready faster in the morning now. Too funny. I'll report back here with cooling results against the electric benchmark.
  7. The ignition point of 1234yf is over 700°F Richard
  8. Yesterday
  9. All I did was switch the Ignition ON and let it set for about 20+ minutes. I went out earlier today and did the same thing, switched the Ignition ON(engine off), and let it set for about 20+ minutes. The temperature was about 75 degrees today when I switched it on. The temperature on the Accessory Relay you asked about went from 75 to about 90 degrees. The Ignition Relay also had about the same heat rise. About 15 degrees. On the other hand, the Slide-Out Board Main Relay went from 75 to about 110 degrees. I told Rich I was going to try and disconnect the Slide Motor wires and see if there is anything in that area that might cause this, but I will have to take time to move the MH outside to do this. Hopefully, tomorrow.
  10. You had 2 inspectors look at the coach and you knew Tiffin had a problem in that area and you still missed it? Bill
  11. Remember, no political posts, this includes memes. I deleted a post this morning that was out of line. If you are not sure of the rules please read this; Thank you,
  12. I found a custom bath maker (Creative Bath), they made my shower, counter tops, and tale top for me out of man made marble. Was very reasonable and shaped and colored to my liking. It weighs about one fourth the weight of granite and has held up very well. As Herman said if someone has the skills, a plastic laminate top could be used and actually use real wood molding, stained and finished around the edges can also be used if a detailed edge is desired.
  13. I bought a 2007 Tiffin Phaeton from PPL in Houston in 2015. All the paperwork was handled very professionally and the salesman was very helpful. I paid for the PPL inspection and also hired another inspector as a precaution because my knowledge of motorhomes was minimal. Both inspections found minor problems that I considered when making an offer. After I took possession of the coach and got it home I discovered I discovered I had a wet bay problem(A very common problem with tiffin motorhomes in that time period). The flooring material rots and comes apart when it gets wet. When I confronted PPL with this they stated that their inspection did not cover this although it plainly stated they inspected for water damage. After some heated discussion with the sales and service managers did not get results I presented myself to the president of PPL. The best deal I could strike was to split the cost of repair 50/50. The total cost was roughly 2,000 dollars. I discovered about a year later the cost for Tiffin to do it was about 1,000 dollars. Having said all this I would probably still use them again if the need arises. If buying a used motorhome you must do due diligence up front on such an expensive purchase. Dee
  14. Sherry/Ken, welcome to the forum. All I can say after looking at the whole thing is it's not for me. I have never seen one in use on the road in any campground or at any rally. I will stick to my CR-V 4 down. Bill
  15. Last week
  16. merleinspect, Welcome to the Forum. If your husband has the skill set he could make a top out of Plywood and cover it in a laminate. You can get it in in most any pattern you want. He could also strip to old top and do the same thing. Since he would like a bull nose edge he could make a top out of thin plywood with a 1 1/2" thick trim board, put on the bull nose and put a nice stain on it followed by several coats of clear polyurethane to make it stain resistant. Herman
  17. Plug your two tires into this chart and it will show all the differences between the two: https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  18. Our 2018 Leprechaun dinette table is delaminating from the edges. Thought it was 'solid' but alas; no. My husband managed to heat and reattach the material. This bought us some time but would like to find a solid multi-color (marble like), but light weight and bull-nosed with exact dimensions so the bed can still be use if needed. Any insights or recommendations would be appreciated.
  19. I did not work to live 73 years and be taken out by a virus. We will continue to social distance and not attending any rallies, get togethers, etc., whether indoors or outdoors at least through this winter. If people want get together and risk, getting sick, by all means it is your life. Please be respectful of me and others and wear a mask and keep your distance. Ken
  20. The Bluebonnet Travelers are having a rally in Gladewater TX in June 4-7. We are going out to dinner with 30 attendees at venues that have outside dining, catered meals with 2 servers and set up room for social distancing. By suggestions of Gregg County Health Administer taking temps before entering the clubhouse and everyone signing a waiver. Most of our gatherings will be outside in the pavilion. The clubhouse capacity is 150 so will be within guidelines. I received a copy of a waiver from another group asks questions. Not sure where they got it but looks like an official FMCA form.
  21. Looking at the set up, it puts a lot of stress on the suspension system. Now, if it was like a fork lift and the tines supported the engine and got the wheels off the ground? You would still need a Tag & 15k to 20k tow hitch.
  22. Guess that up to this point he no reason not to believe them, also he had been away from home working in Houston for 3 months and he was ready to get home. Jim
  23. I just looked at all the floor plans for non slide...didn't see one with the fridge in rear quarter. What length is yours? The reason for asking, the longer the run from gas bottle to fridge/stove, could affect the flow...you could also have a loss fitting, elbow. Is your gas line copper or tubing? To me the bow of a pull behind is at the hitch. 😀
  24. With that kind off heat (32+/- degrees), Is the engine running? Or just ignition ON. I would start at the Relay (New, but still could be bad), also wire from batteries to ignition to control board...without a drawing or schematic, I'm trying to visualize the system. I sent a PM to Rich.
  25. Back in 2001, I bought a 1997 Allegro from PPL in Houston, Texas for $21,700 and paid $200 for detailing, they did the PDI. First thing I did was take it to Sam's in League City, TX. for 6 new tires...I had the coach for 4 trouble free years and traded it in on a new 2006 Southwind, got $33,000. I personally, have never heard anything negative about PPL. That said, it does not mean, that others have not fallen thru the crack. As far as the Nocold is concerned, I'm surprised that your BIL did not verify it by visual insp. before he drove away! Your BIL reads as being a very knowledgeable mechanic & fabricator! Things happen!
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