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  2. Man that looks great! Those years were the heyday of well-built luxury MH's; very few electronics to go bad either. About the only thing that cannot be upgraded to modern stuff is electronics that control everything. I had a friend that took his 1978 Bluebird back the factory and had both chassis and coach completely updated and refurbished. In effect he too had a new MH while paying taxes and insurance on a 30 yr old one. As to new tires, look at many different brands; I chose Sailun truck tires, they are constructed like Michelin truck tires but made in Vietnam. Keep up the excellent work.
  3. Yes, good to see Roger back. Bill
  4. I agree. The big change month is October. I have seen it near 100 at the beginning of the month and near freezing on Halloween. The heat makes a good excuse as we are staying in Main for a while then a month in RI then western NY and finale work my way back home. Ray, hopefully you can find one that covers the marks of the old one. Bill
  5. I would keep an eye on things and drive around any problem areas. You might look at places like this for current conditions. https://www.nifc.gov/fire-information/nfn Bill
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  7. As we approach our plans to head towards Redmond OR, I am looking at some of the unfortunate forest fires in the area and in some of the areas we were planning to travel thru. just curious on what others are thinking about traveling these areas ? is anyone thinking about canceling? thanks for your input.
  8. dcknight

    Key Fob

    Thank you, I will try that.
  9. The downside to owning and maintaining a 24 yr old MH. One of my side docking lights quit working; I removed it to replace the bulb, but discovered the bulb is not replaceable. it is a 2 dia. model 4245 halogen sealed 12v light made by Peterson Industries and NLA/obsolete. (Lichtsinn Motors parts dept. is great!) I searched the web for a replacement and found 2 LED replacement pairs I think will fit on Amazon. Hopefully 1 will fit into the space, the other pair goes back to Amazon within their 30-day window.
  10. Welcome back Roger. It's good to see you here again, seemingly your accurate advice wears-off after a period, and we need a refresher instruction post.
  11. Call the BBB in the city where that company is located and ask questions. Keep in mind, by law it is not an extended warranty. It IS a legal contract to provide limited services. Read the fine print as many times as necessary to completely understand every clause. The better contracts state what they will not pay for, by omission, everything else in covered.
  12. rayin

    Key Fob

    There are a few companies in the business of selling replacement key fobs. I think one of the retail auto supply stores even sells them.
  13. Just joined FMCA, but those have been threatened about geo locked to a home address.
  14. Did you get that working by calling? I do believe those need to match on the IMEI.
  15. dcknight

    Key Fob

    Hi all, I have a 2005 Monaco Windsor. I am in need of a key fob with an FCCID of JLFTX4. Trimark no longer provides. I am looking for this FOB or an alternative anyone has that will work. Thanks for your help. Dave Knight dcknight@aol.com
  16. You can have a breakdown anywhere any time. I don't drive my motorhome from storage to get fuel without my toad. You do know you cant drive the mh in the park.
  17. Well this is an old thread and the OP never came back to tell us what he found or how he fixed it. Bill
  18. You generator has 2 breakers in it! Check to make sure one or both are not tripped.
  19. Planning a trip to Glacier NP from Cincinnati northern route. Although Montana Rte 2 is the most direct way to Browning, MT, we’re concerned it may not be MC friendly. We’re driving a 38 ft diesel without our usual toad, so no safety net if we have any mechanicals. Having a front tire blowout on 75 outside of Tampa makes us a bit wary of 2 lane roads. Any recommendations or feedback would be appreciated.
  20. I would call Thor and look at their website. You can also get a tester and check all the fuses.
  21. YouTube is your friend. There are many videos on how to hook up solar. I am with superbus as I don't like my genset running when I am not there. Many of the Newmar's have a little s solar panel just so they can say they have "soalar"I don't think it is enough to keep/maintain a battery.
  22. On some Newmars a prep has already been done for a solar panel if it is not already equipped with an actual panel. I'm sure you've checked that already, but its worth mentioning just in case. Otherwise, a quick and easy way to identify which posts you'd want to connect to is to find where the positive and ground lead from the battery bank head back to the house and/or chassis. There will be 12V across those two posts, and then you'll know where to connect your solar wiring. Lastly, I'd be leery about letting the genset run unattended. A good example of why; my AGS malfunctioned a few years ago when I left the system on during a temporary outdoor storage situation. After the AGS set the generator down it "held" the stop button indefinitely. By the time I noticed it, the result was a set of ruined glow plugs and several more hours on the fuel pump then needed.
  23. First RV less then a month in. 2022 Thor Quantum SE31 Slide worked great during the inspection. Now it refuses to extend. First step is to see if the fuse is blown. Found the breaker/fuse box. The 120V breakers are clearly labeled. The 12V fuses are not labeled at all. 2 Orange 40 amp which I assume are the house batteries. 6 or 7 blue 15 amp 1 green 30 amp Slide? 1 10 amp and one 5 amp Did a Google search for fuse diagram and did not come up with anything for my model. Does anyone have one for my rig or can I call Thor as the second owner and ask them?
  24. He posted on Friday and hasn't been back on the forum since his post, so I would assume he found a toad and needs no further help.
  25. Another source is RVT.com. Under the "Type" field on the left menu click on the "more" link, then check the box that says, "Tow Behind Cars". In the "Radius" field you can enter your location.
  26. I just Googled "rv towed vehicles for sale in az" and there are dozens available.
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