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  2. Keep an eye on GS I had them charge my account without permission. Bill
  3. Thanks guys. I had recently joined fmca and had gs assist. Going to cancel gs and save $90
  4. One thing I have found helpful is to make shure the air vent is in recirculate. This keeps a lot of the exhaust smell out of the car. Bill
  5. I got the Good sam one because it coveres everone traveling with you. Our next big trip will have my wifes parents and my adult sons. FMCA only covers the member and spouse.
  6. Yesterday
  7. There is no water line under the bed. What area was wet? Was it the side facing the washing machine? The foot of the bed? Was the bed slide in or out? I suspect you have a water intrusion via one of the seals on the slide, especially if you had a driving rain. Is the slide closing all the way on both sides and top? suggest you put a dehumidifier and some heat in there to dry out the carpet before it gets moldy.
  8. The odor you smell is common as well. It’s a combination of road grime and tire dust being burned off your engine and exhaust . I’ll get it for a few days if we tow for a week or more without using the Jeep.
  9. Somewhat; the FMCA program offers less services because it costs less. That's why the skymed programs are so very expensive, they provide many more services than either FMCA or GS. FMCA assist is included in our dues each year.
  10. FMCA used to have a disclaimer on their Michelin discount page saying to check the price without going through the Michelin program vs using the program, as some dealers offered a better price so they didn't have to mess with the paperwork. That disclaimer was removed several years ago for reasons unknown.
  11. I agree, my Silverado pickup does the same thing if I rush the shift from neutral, but I don't get any msg.
  12. We are putting the coach in the shop to have all the mechanical systems checked out before we hit the road again in April. When wwe get it back I will be un-winterizing the water system and will know then if it is a broken water line. Thanks for the input. I will let you know what I find.
  13. The coach was winterized before it went into storage. The slides were in.
  14. It is probably on a high idle as it is warming up. My car does the same thing . . . High idle for a few minutes before it settles down.
  15. Greetings I recently changed to a 2023 GC summit reserve and it tows great. My question is about detaching the vehicle from the motorhome. When I start the engine I am not able to shift from neutral to 2 wd without encountering a message that the shift cant happen when vehicle is in high isle. It usually will work after a couple of tries as there is nothing on the display that indicates high idle is complete or even going. After the shift occurs, you can pick up a slight burning smell coming from the jeep while unhooking the tow bar. The car drives fine and no error messages show on the display any thoughts what might be happening here?
  16. Is having Good Sam Travel assist and FMCAssist a duplication of services?
  17. That is one of those things we could play guessing games for weeks. Without hands on I have no idea. Could be slide seals or roof or AC roof seal or. Let us know what you find. Bill
  18. Last week
  19. Toyos are not on the FMCA discount program....but they are a better, longer lasting tire than Michelin, and way cheaper...regardless of discount.
  20. Good move, the AGMs are great. I would not get Lithiums until they come way way down, and I don't have to figure out how to change my charging system to use them. It seems I recall where they also have a problem if it is real cold or real hot....don't remember.
  21. The coach was winterized before it went into storage. The slides were in.
  22. Welcome to the forum. Hard to guess without hands on inspection. Were your slides in? Bill
  23. Welcome to the forum. It might be easier if you went and read how the process works and what was available. I bought Continentals for my last coach and I think they are as good or better than most outher tires out there. Bill
  24. I recently attended a high voltage training course focused on EVs. Towing an EV was one of the topics, although related to towing from a service perspective. One of the potential issues is generating energy through driving the wheels (essentially regenerative braking) yet without a control logic to decide what to do with that energy being generated. Towing "Disconnects" for this otherwise great benefit of EVs are not something currently "installed" from the OEMs, as far as my knowledge goes.
  25. I recently went through this exercise of deciding which type of batteries to replace my poorly maintained flooded lead acids (that one was on me). At least for my configuration, price doubled for each move "up" from flooded lead acid, AGM, and finally to lithium (even if looking at halving the number of batteries). In the end, I decided on AGMs as I did not need to change any part of the inverter/charger system, they don't require nearly as much maintenance as FLA, the added vibration resistance, and the fact there is a big diesel generator in the front of the coach to keep them charged up. That last part is a big factor, as it negates a lot of the concerns.
  26. I would suspect a frozen water line burst.
  27. The only correct answer is, that information will be in the owners manual under recreational towing. As a generic reply, no not yet. Technology has not tackled that use yet. It would have to be hauled on a trailer.
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