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How We Roll in our RV – Putting on Make-up and Finding a Rental Roadtrek



In this edition of How We Roll in our RV, we tackle two completely different questions:

Jennifer answers a reader named Karen, who wants to know how the Roadtrek eTrek we have works out for her putting on make-up. Jen shows the mirrors she uses along with a handy sticky pad called the Dash Stick that holds a magnifying mirror in place.

My question came from a reader named Maggie, who asks about how to find a rental Roadtrek to try out, something Jen and I wish we could have done before we bought. If so, we would have purchased a Roadtrek a full year before we did. The best way to find rentals is through the Roadtrek dealer network. You can find the closest one to you here.

Meantime, if you have a question for us to answer in a future episode of How We Roll in our RV, just send it to [email protected]

And for a complete archive of all our How We Roll in our RV segments, click here.


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