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Keeping the Windows Open and the Bugs Out



We’ve sure enjoyed the warm weather down along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and throughout Florida the past few weeks except for one thing: Bugs

The mosquitoes are hatched down south. As are the No-See-Ums, Biting Midges and Sand Flies.

They are particularly bad at night. With the warm weather, that means it can get pretty hot inside a camper van or Class B motorhome. We could have run the air conditioner. But that’s pretty loud. And it tends to make it too cold late at night.

So we rolled down the driver and passenger side windows.

And the bugs never got to us.

That’s because we used Skeeker Beaters.

We’ve been offering them on the Roadtrek Store for a couple of months now. But this was the first opportunity we had to really test them out.

They worked great!

Skeeter Beaters are magnetic vehicle window screens made out of mesh fabric that allows air to flow freely through open windows while keeping out not only mosquitos, flies and other pesky bugs but also the tiny, blood sucking midges and No-See-Ums. These screens adhere to your metal window frame using non-abrasive, high-energy magnets that will not shatter or break. The magnets are sewn in around the hemline. The screens come as a pair in a set, one for both the driver and passenger side windows.

We put them on most every night. When the wind kicked up strong one night they held fast. They pack in their own drawstring bag and fit easily into a suitcase, the glove box, a door pocket, or the map pocket behind your seats.

They fit all models of the Roadtrek and most other Class B campervans on the Sprinter, Ford or Chevy chasis.

Check the video to see them on our Roadtrek eTrek. Click here for more info on them.


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