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The 5 Laws of Happy RV Owners



Do you feel like there’s always something to fix on your RV?

Are you tired of fixing problem after problem? Are you constantly finding new things needing maintenance and repair?

Many RV owners feel the repair list continues to grow and grow and grow.

There’s a solution.

I’m not talking about the pay someone else to do it solution.

I’m talking about the do it yourself solution that reduces unwanted repairs and gives back your free time.

I’m talking about the list.

Not just any list, an inspection maintenance and repair list for your RV.

Law #1 : Create a Spring Preparation List

Spring cleaning time where many of those dreaded nasty chores get done.

Rug and carpet cleaning

Water supply line inspection and cleaning

Exterior caulking inspection

Law #2 : Create a Summer Maintenance List

Mid camping season may be the best time to inspect and address those new things that occur with use.

Check the wheels, bearings, seals, grease and tire pressure

Check the refrigerator vents for wasp nests

Check the rooftop caulking for sun baked damage

Law #3 : Create a Winter Preparation List

Winter often signals season ending storage preparation.

Drain fresh water supply lines

Check the batteries

Replace the rodent poison

Law #4 : Create a Must Do repair List

Do you find items to repair while traveling or camping? Seems like that’s the only time. Put this list inside the RV so you can jot down items when discovered.

Law #5 : Create a Nice to Do List

Keep another list of items that you would like to replace or upgrade when resources (time and money) are available.

These lists are examples and no where near complete lists.

Set a goal to review this list monthly and knock one item off the list.

By setting goals with purpose and continually improving the process, and list, those pesky or dreaded tasks consume less of your time and give you more time to do what you enjoy, Travel and camping.


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