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Cornice Board Upgrade



I have wanted to do this upgrade for some time now… Looking at the dated fabric on our cornice boards made our coach feel old, even though it is a 2011.  Pulling the old ones down was a breeze since they were barely attached with a couple of small screws… Let the fun begin…

I have never seen SO many staples holding something on in my life!  As I started pulling them off (and killing my fingers in the process), I thought maybe there was a better way.  Since the fabric coverings can fade and go out of style (as ours did), I decided to take another tack.  How about wood cornice boards?  I could either stain them or paint them as desired… hmmm… off the Lowes for materials to build a prototype…

Three prototypes later, I decided on a somewhat basic configuration with some extra trim pieces to make it look a bit more elegant.  Measure twice, cut once… A few hours later I had the first one complete.  We decided to paint ours to give a contrast against our light stained cabinets… I trusted the wife on this one and boy was she right!   The added bonus is that each one of these new cornice boards are only on average 2.1 pounds heavier than the original.  What a difference.  Four down, two to go…






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Thanks!  It really gives the coach a different look.  We thought about just changing the fabric covering, but really happy we went this way.    

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Very, very nice!  Great idea to use a contrasting stain (I presume).  Would you be willing to share some details on what trim you used?  Am I correct that you stained everything and then used a polyurethane?

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nothing fancy like stain and polyurethane - just good ole exterior paint :).  I'm sure you could stain them if you wanted to.  The trim was nothing fancy either, just standard baseboard molding mount upside down.  The cornice 'box' was just 1x5 pine trimmed to meet the specs of the one being replaced. Since we were painting them, we did not go overboard on the wood selection.  

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