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How We Roll in Our RV -- Episode #1




We get lots of questions about the places we go, the things we see and how we roll in our RV. Thus, this new reccurring video feature, in which we’ll try to do every week, answering reader questions (e-mail me here or via our Facebook Roadtreking page).

In this first episode, Jennifer and I talk about how we pack and store items in our Class B motorhome and how we stay connected to the Internet while on the road.

Jennifer swears by eBags, a handy way to neatly pack a lot of clothes in a very nifty little zip-up bag that takes up little space. And I share how Verizon Wireless’ 4G network keeps me connected by a MiFi wireless hotspot card.

Let us know how you like this and what questions yo may have.

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I've been following you around from several FORUMS and BLOGS ,,, you and Jennifer seem to be popping up all over. I like all your videos ... this one is another keeper. I have been using Verizon myself for a couple of years but found it getting too expensive for my needs. I am going to try another provider that lets you pay as you go with no contract and no monthly fee. Just buy a block of data and when that is gone buy another. I'll see how that works. I do agree that I never had any issue with Verizon and there were very few locations that I didn't have internet. Who knows ... I may have to return to them.

I love the eBags idea. I'll have to check that out as well. I have the ERA and it is similarly room/storage challenged ... although I travel alone so I have just that little bit of extra room you don't have.

Keep up the great work and reporting. Most helpful ...

Karsty (The Wandering Viking)

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