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  1. On 1/24/2010 at 8:09 AM, Chunkybeastracin@aol.com said:

    We have recenlty encountered several RV parks that do not allow "aggressive breeds of dogs" in their parks. That includes the "bull" breeds like pitbulls, rottweillers, etc. We explained that we have two English bulldogs. After much discussion they reluctantly had us sign a waiver and let us stay.

    Pet discrimination is becoming more and more prevalent in a lot of parks. I have met many pitbulls and rotweiller breeds that were the most gentle dogs I ever met. And then I've encountered some poodles and Chihuahuas that wanted to rip off my ankles. To discriminate on an entire breed of dog is total ignorance. A dog's tempermant depends on how that dog is raised and treated.

    As a former insurance inspector I can attest that many dog breed restrictions are the campgrounds insurance carriers mandates. Last I checked there were eleven breeds that insurance company does not want on the property due to liability concerns.  This also applies to pet friendly hotels and apartments. I do agree that the raising and training of a dog has a positive effect on their temperament.  But, when have you last heard of an insurance carrier being reasonable?

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