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  1. I installed my Roadmaster baseplate and wiring in my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I paid about $500 for the baseplate and the wiring kit. I did the install myself with the help of a friend who has a dream garage with lift, pneumatic tools etc..  (3-4 hours + 3 beers).

    I had a Demco Stay and Play installed at the shop I use and it was ~$2,100 and the Roadmaster Sterling All-Terrain was ~$ 800, so even with me doing the labor on the baseplate/wiring I had $3500 in parts......albeit top of the line stuff.

  2. So as someone that had one of those Heliotrope systems in our 2006 Alpenlite 5th wheel that was originally installed by AM Solar back in the day and now 3 solar systems later I would suggest that you simply change your controller over to a Victron 100/30 unit. The changeover will be absolutely painless and will provide much better control and will allow you to control it directly from your smartphone. These units are only a couple hundred dollars and come with a 5 year warranty..... not to mention that you will have a wealth of support options.

    Personally as someone who went through this, had the calls with AM solar, etc... ditch it and get a modern controller ;)

  3. On 6/14/2020 at 11:26 AM, wolfe10 said:


    VERY unusual for an inverter to be large enough to power a roof A/C.

    And, if it were,  you would likely need an oversized alternator to keep up with it.

    The other appliances you mentions ARE usually shore, generator or inverter powered. The exception is on absorption refrigerators, most are not wired off the inverter-- they run on propane when no shore power or generator.

    My system has no issues running our roof top AC unit with only a 2400W (Victron 3000) unit. It handles out 13.5 Penguin II unit with no issues and I have not yet installed an EZ-Start module. Now how long it will run is somewhat dependent on how large your Battery bank is, how much solar you have (during the day) and if you have the Alternator/DC-DC charging capability.

    In our case with dual 3000 inverters and 1050Ah of batteries we can easily run both rooftop AC unit while off-grid without the need for a generator.

  4. We are still in the planning stages of adding a multizone (2 zones) to our 36' DP. I already have the220V circuit in place after extensive electrical mods that will allow us to run off-grid..... now I just need to figure out the mechanical part of actually fitting it in one of the storage bays ;)

    Thanks for posting this

  5. We get our 36' Alpine Coach into any State or National park that says it can accommodate 30'...... it seems that they always under estimate. I think they actually seem to size these sites for tow behinds with a TV. 2 of us are very happy in this size traveling with one pet for almost 4 years now.

    I suggest you read up on Alpine Coach it was on Par with Monaco (upper models) back in the day and is often referred to as the "BMW of Motorhomes" as they are such a pleasure to drive!


  6. On 5/1/2019 at 4:10 AM, richard5933 said:

    I just looked up the Arizona vehicle registration site - it looks like instead of paying the sales tax you get to pay a vehicle tax every year as part of the fee to register your vehicle. Different than how we do it here, where we pay sales tax at time of purchase and only pay a small registration fee every year for our tags. Every state does it differently, but in the end they all get their money.

    I just purchased a coach last year from a private party.......no tax paid on transfer and 5 year registration was $536 ;)

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