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  1. As for me, I-84 would be a better choice than WA SR14. I-84, although a freeway, generally is not heavily traveled and the scenery from Portland to The Dalles, OR is outstanding. The interstate is well maintained too. WA SR14 is mostly a two lane highway and is heavily traveled, especially between Vancouver and Stevenson, WA. And, depending on the time of year, there are lots of farm trucks on SR14 that makes for backed up traffic. Since you will be driving a motor home, you will back up traffic too. So, for my peace of mind, I would stick to the interstate all the way to Merry Hill, WA, then cross the Columbia River and head north to Yakima, WA, Ellensburg, WA, Chelan, WA, Oroville, WA, cross the border and drive to Kelowna, BC, then east Baniff, Alberta. This probably more information than you wanted, but the bottom line is take I-84 rather than WA SR14.

  2. I had a similar problem with my '04 Monaco Cayman, but I sure don't know if this will help - only Brett will know for sure. My new house batteries (4) Interstate, kept going dead even while plugged into shore power. We discovered my inverter was not charging the batteries. We checked the 300 amp fuse that is between the inverter and the batteries was blown. We replaced the fuse ($54.22) and wa la, we had charging power and the house batteries stayed charged. Be extremely careful though, 300 amps packed a lot of wallup.

  3. Hi dwilson,

    I have had the same chime alarm go off in my '04 Monaco Cayman during a heavy rain storm, then get fainter as the pavement got drier. So, I spent an hour's worth of shop time, $105/hour, for them to tell me they didn't know what it was. My suspicion is that it is an alarm sensor that is giving a false reading that your levelers are down or not all the way up. Check it out - as for me the next time it happens I will attempt to disconnect the levelers alarm and see if that solves the problem. Ken

  4. Thank you, Glenn, for replying to my plight. It sure sounds like the same thing that happened to me. Where did you get the wiring diagram and where is the fuse located on your rig? We checked some fuses in the electrical panel in the basement under the driver's seat, but didn't find a problem. My rig quit so fast it was like I turned off the engine. I sure hope these mechanics get the right pump. Ken

  5. I drive a '04 Monaco Cayman with a Cummins 300 ISB diesel engine. We have been stranded in Ely, NV, for the past four days waiting for a new injector fuel pump to arrive from the Cummins factory. Is there anyone out there who has experienced their engine not starting and the injector fuel pump suspected to be the problem? The mobile mechanics traced all the fuel lines to the injector fuel pump and found there was no fuel going through.


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