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  1. I would like to hear comments also.

    I am looking at a 2102 32 Allegro Breeze with this engine...worried about being underpowered, seems a lot of these Breeze motorhomes are for sale used and all with just a few thousand miles, I know the earlier 28 model had steering issues but by now, should be fixed...so count me in also for wanting to know info...


  2. We do have about every operational manual for the coaches. Contact me if need any of them and will copy and send to you. or give you info on how to get. I have found if you have your unit build number from Dynamax, you can call them and get about any help you need. They did keep a file on the build specs on every unit and have great records

    Also I have a vendor list with contacts for every supplier, and can get that to you. The unit number is usually taped to the white box with owners stuff in each unit.

    Love my Dynamax. You sure get some heads turned when you stop anywhere. It drives better than any of the 12 motorhomes I have owned over my life.

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