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  1. We had a Class B Roadtrek before buying our current motorhome. We decided it would be easy to pull up stakes and sightsee during the day. After doing that, then having to re-level and plug back in we decided to rent a car. That quickly became expensive and not fun either. I was still working and would be gone Friday thru Sunday on our trips. Most rental cars, except airport locations are closed on Sunday's.

    Anyway, we no longer have the issue of towed or work. Good luck on your decision.

  2. I don't have the Ford chassis, but I can tell you on my Workhorse I just had the Ultrapower ECM upgrade done along with magnum plug wires and iridium plugs. All I can say is wow, what a difference in power and torque. Also had Koni shocks installed and we have really noticed the ride difference.

  3. We are very happy with our Workhorse chassis W24, 8.1 GM and Allison transmission. Heading home with about 3600 miles so far on this trip and averaging right around 7 MPG. All engine maintenance is done by local GMC heavy truck dealership and prices are consistent with service on my Toyota's. Never had any major drive train issues. We are happy we purchased this chassis/drive train combo and would recommend it.

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