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  1. I towed a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited with Active Drive II 4 wheel drive behind 2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus. I have towed this Vehicle over 6,000 miles and have experience the problems in Tech Talk April 2015 edition "Cherokee Limited towing". The problem I have experience while driving the Allegro Bus is:

    When traveling down the road at moderate speed if the right rear wheels drop off the road onto the shoulder that is a few inches below the road height and you bring the coach back onto the road the unit rocks back and forth (left to right) and will not stop until you come to a complete stop. If you speed up the rocking becomes more violently. You can only drive a few feet with this condition. This happen twice last year and just recently on March 7 & 8 in Oregon on a highway that had long ruts made by Semi-Trucks. The coach started rocking back and forth even though the road smoothed out after a few 100 yards. I had to come to a complete stop to stop the rocking then start off slowly and build speed.

    The Tech Talk article mentions that the Jeep Cherokee is at fault. Tiffin said to check the shocks, alignment, etc. I took my RV and Jeep to Kaiser Brake and Alignment in Eugene, OR. Kaiser found that the Allegro Bus Front Toe was not the same from left to right and aligned them both to 1/16". They made some changes to the caster and camber added shims to bring the tolerances closer together. They said that the Motorhome was probably not the cause for the back and forth movement and took a look at my tow car (2014 Jeep Cherokee). They did not have the alignment specification for this vehicle, something we owners need to get. The Jeep Cherokee is primary a front wheel drive vehicle. Kaiser noticed some light scrubbing on the front tires on the outside edge. They checked the toe and found it to be off. They adjusted both the left and right toe to -1/32" and front camber to -1/2 degree. Since these alignments have been made I have driven the two vehicles together only about 400 miles with no problems. I am leaving this week for Louisiana and will have more information is any concerning this problem.

    For the tow bar I use Blue Ox BX7445 Class IV 10,000 lbs rating. Along with Blue Ox BX1135 base plates, and wired the jeep using 4 didoes. All worked performed by myself well the wife told me which lights were on when I was checking the wiring.

  2. Huffy-Puffy you are correct. Fact are Facts, Salesman are not. Thank-you for your insight. Just one comment for others out there whom may be confused over this thread.

    When you are driving look around and what do you see on the road???? Any vehicle carrying any kind of goods, other than passengers i.e. freight, furniture, appliances, beds, food, etc. outside of RV's has a diesel engine. Why do you think that is??? Diesel engines cost more up front to buy yet on the highway you see many vehicles with diesel engines especially trucks, long haul trucks, etc. Why do you think there are more diesel engine carrying heavy loads than gasoline engines? Do you know there are more BTU's in a gallon of diesel than in a gallon of gasoline, that a fact, pure chemistry. Diesel is more environmentally friendly than gasoline. Diesel is less expensive to refined. Why does diesel cost more than gasoline? Years ago diesel was cheaper than the cheapest gas. But now it is more expensive, simple economic - supply and demand, Europe and other countries use more diesel than we do and they pay more for it so who do you think the major oils are selling there diesel too?? Not us.

    The decision to buy a gas engine over a diesel engine is not about the cost of the fuel. From a technical viewpoint I would base the decision on the type of vehicle, the weight of the vehicle and what the vehicle will be carrying most of the time. RV owners tend to carry everything including the kitchen sink. If you are buying a Class C or B gas may be a better choice, if you are buying a Class A then diesel is a better choice. Note Diesel engine passenger car are making a comeback in America with more efficiency than gas and better for the environment.

    There are pros and cons for both fuel types just know that the EPA is more for diesel than for gasoline, both fuels are made from the same crude oil. Gasoline cost more to refine.

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