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  1. I am the Alternate National Director for the Military Veterans Chapter, MVC.  The MVC does not require sponsorship.  To be eligible to join the MVC the individual must meet one of the following: 

    1. Be currently on active duty in the US military, National Guard, or Canadian Armed Forces.
    2. Honorable discharged or retired from one of the above.
    3. Be a widow or widower of a US military, National Guard, or Canadian Armed Forces member.
    4. Be a DoD employee who was embedded with our active military.
    5. Current FMCA member.  

    Best regards,

    Richard "Doc"

  2. Howdy everyone.

    At the end of October I will be headed from the Houston Texas area to the Mobile Alabama area.  I have heard for year that I-10, I-20, and parts of US-190 through Eastern Texas and much of Louisiana are in bad shape.

    Does anyone have an update on that?

    Suggested routes?  Does not need to be the quickest or shortest route either.  I am retired so I have the ability to take my time.

    Thank you.

    Richard "Doc"

  3. 17 hours ago, hermanmullins said:

    I just had another thought what will their nick name be.

    We  have the US Army "Ground Ponders."

    The US Air Force "Air Dales" 

    The US Marine Corp "Jar Heads"

    The US Navy "Swabies" (I am one)

    The US Coast Guards "Hooligans"

    Hmm, how about "Space Jockeys":rolleyes:


    I am a half breed...LOL..  I was a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman and served my entire career with the Marines on the green side.   Only time I spent on ship was when the Marine Unit I was with would go on a float.  I never even did time at a Naval base.  

    The US Space Force does fall under the Department of the Air Force.   They could be called Space Jockeys, Orbiters, or even Rocketeer.  Right now though since they are in their infancy, how about "Space Cadets?"

    Richard "Doc"


  4. 18 hours ago, manholt said:

    Love floorplan?  Remember, happy wife, happy life!  That's all you need.  Just sit back and enjoy life in the slow lane! :lol:

    My wife grew up in the Boston area.  She is Irish and Italian.  She served in the Marine Corps for many years as a warehouseman.  My saying is slightly different due to all that: "Happy wife, SAFE life."

  5. Wife and I have a Class with the Ford V10.  As others have said, it will get you there but it will not set any land speed records or win a fuel economy award in those mountains.  We also do not tow the vehicle when going through the mountains or on the hot days.  We are considering upgrading to a super C or Fiver.  

    Best regards,

    Richard "Doc"

  6. I put the slides in when heavy storms or high winds come through.  I have put the jacks up during high winds too.  I put the awning out when the weather is decent and little wind.  If I leave the rig, the awning comes in. 

    Happy Camping and RVing!

  7. The Military & Veterans Chapter would like to take time to pause, recognize, and pay our respect to our military men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country.  Please remember those serviceman, servicewomen, and their families this Memorial Day weekend.  Let the families know that they (their loved one and them) are not forgotten.  Visit the chapter website to read the Chapter President's Memorial Day remarks.

    Rev. Richard Strait, USN Retired

    FMCA-MVC Alternate National Director & Webmaster.


    Memorial Day.png

  8. Welcome aboard Jeautry.

    Many of us veterans have our medications shipped to directly to the campground address and not our personal mailbox (PMB) addresses.  I ask the campground if I can have my medications and packages shipped directly to the campground.  Most the time they say yes.  If they say no, then I visit the local post office and inquire of general delivery services.  If I am going to be in that area for the season, I may opt for a PO Box if they do not cost much.  PO Box costs vary from post office to post office.  For the controlled medications that need a signature, if they are being delivered to the campground then my wife or I must be present to sign for them from the postal carrier.  The post office, if we went that route, has us sign for the controlled medications when we come and get our mail.    

    Best regards,

    Richard "Doc"

  9. On 3/27/2020 at 12:51 PM, dkyuma said:

    Don (Doc) Krahling

    Lt. USNR  1966-‘71

    A6 Intruder pilot  off Kitty Hawk 70-71 Vietnam 

    Welcome aboard!


    On 4/13/2020 at 12:36 PM, romer1 said:

    One: Merrill Weber

    Two: USNR-R

    Three: 1961-1968  1 year active, rest reserves

    Four: E-5 electronics tech

    Five: Anti Submarine warfare   P2V's

    Six: NAS Memphis (Boot camp, school) NAS Willow Grove with trips to Roosevelt Roads & Norfolk


    Welcome aboard!

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