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  1. We got back on the road and low and behold we had another breakdown 3 miles from home, called FMCA RSA and they said they would send a tow and would text me and call when they found a provider, immediatly after hanging up i would say 3 seconds they said someone was on the way be there in 56 minutes, we waited 1 hour and 30 min. and noone showed, we called back and they said ,oh they cancelled on the call that didnt have big enough truck to tow. I gave them length width color weight and vin # what was all this info for? they said they would find someone else, hour passes and nothing the wife calls back and gets a little stern with them and they put her on hold FOR EVER! until we hang up. finally they find another provider and he says 1 and half hours out, we call back and they put us on hold FOR EVER! There is a tow company 8 miles down the road cant get them they are not on the list unless special conditions apply. They would not tell us what special conditions were orlet us talk to a superviser and put us on hold FOR EVER, till we hang up. 2 hours later the tow truck driver called me they had sent him to a town 38 miles away same road wrong town. so it was another 45 min to get to us. This towing company was nothing but professional , I got a call from their dispatcher said she was sorry but they give them wrong address.  when driver arrived hewas professional and did what he had to do to get us towed above and beyond. he also said that someone would have to pay for the over milage that they sent him on with wrong address and said their dispatcher had called the insurance company and they put her on hold , you gessed it FOR EVER!  They told dispatcher that they would get the extra out of us, but I got news for them that will be a cold day in you know where, that phone call is recorded and they can see i gave the right address. any ways we got it home and the driver was great their boss called and said he would except their payment and let the overage go since we were good to the driver, My son and I helped the driver hook and pull the axle. But these people are just not professional in what they are doing, they hope you will get tired of waiting and call one on your own is what they are doing. we waited 6hours on the side of the road today not a pleasant day at all.and by the way they paid $1100.00 for a 2 mile tow today and wouldnt even pay a dime on a 150 mile tow first f the year. I understand contracts but really? sorry for the rant but this is no way to treat customers. 

  2. On 2/25/2019 at 7:37 PM, kaypsmith said:

    I broke down in a busy intersection, I was at the back door about to open the door and look for the problem, Police pulled up behind me with blue light on, ordered me to get into the coach, he couldn't take a chance on me getting hit, (he was directly behind the back door of the coach) I told him that it only take a few minutes to get going again, his words were, I told you to get into the coach and I mean now, he called a wrecker for me and the driver was there in about 30 minutes. Wrecker towed me to nearest truck stop, two miles and dropped me off. I had to pay the dude cash money $578.00. I then opened the back door found broken wire to the fuel solenoid, spliced it back together and was back on the road in fifteen minutes. I then called AAA and told what had happened, they sent me a reimbursement form, 12 days later I received a check for the entire wrecker bill. My insurance carrier was also informed, maximum with them $50.00, they then upped that to their maximum $200.00. I want be without RA, it has saved me several times and paid much more than I paid them so far. Hope you never block a busy intersection. Incidentily, I called the police chief of that town to complain about the officer, his reply, he did in exactly as instructed by the laws of the state.

    FMCA roadside service will not do this , they will not reimbursed you for a tow made without calling them first

  3. 2 hours ago, manholt said:

    Sorry, but there is no normality in your situation at the time!  It say's "to the nearest authorized service/garage."  I doubt that your garage, at your house, is a authorized garage. 

    I wish you good Luck in your future travels!  

    What would have been wrong with them paying what it would have cost to tow me to the nearest garage? They pay for enough of these tows that they could have payed an average . But no they look for any technicality to have a no pay. I would say what I paid to have towed home is less than they normally pay to nearest shop

  4. 16 hours ago, sallylang said:

    When we bought our membership to FMCA and FMCA Road Assistance we believed that FMCA was an honorable organization. We have had a very negative experience and will no longer buy a membership to FMCA. We broke down south of Topeka Kansas on a turnpike. My husband reported it was the serpentine belt. Many phone calls and texts later regarding model of motorhome, vin # of home, engine type and workhorse chassis, a repair man appeared 4 hours later. The repairman spent 1.75 hours trying to put the wrong serpentine belt on. My husband measured the belt and it was thirteen inches short. He was given the wrong belt.  The repairman decided he needed to get a different belt. We had to pay for his mileage to and from (he came from Missouri 1.5 hours away), weekend labor prices for trying to put on the wrong part, etc. We left the side of the turnpike 6.5 hours later with a bill of $904.00. Talked with FMCA, Safe Ride Road Assistance (FMCA contractor) and Kirk’s Mobile Repair Service. Why did I have to pay for labor time when the wrong part was sent? The repair man stated, had he known it was a motorhome he would have passed on the call. I am very disappointed FMCA Admin stated to me that they thought it was handled properly after I complained that a repair service which knew nothing about motorhomes was sent to repair the home. I am very disappointed FMCA refused to endorse any compensation. If you have any questions, contact me at mdylake70@gmail.com.


    The wife and I had similar experience we had to pay for a tow out of our pocket , we couldnt call the assistance # because of bad connection and I turned in bills to them and they refuseto pay. Now i did have it towed to my home which was 147 miles and if they dont want to pay for the whole thing thats fine, but they should have payed for the cost that would have been to a shop. I will be done with them.

  5. The wife and I were on a trip after christmas and we had a headgasket blow on my safari 40' diesel pusher, we had made it 147 miles from home when it happened and we needed a tow. we tried to call the assistance number but we were in a bad area for cell phones , so a local tow truck company happen to see us broke down and stopped to check on us he was in his personal truck he told us he had a tow truck within 8 or 10 miles from us and he could tow it, I asked how much and I would really like to tow it to my home since im a mechanic myself, so he said he would tow it the 147 miles for $900 , I agreed and thought it was a fair price. It was getting late he towed to his yard for the night and even supplied power to keep our fridge going. The wife and I got in our toad and returned back home and he brought the coach the next morning and all was good. Now I know the Roadside Assistance is only going to pull you to the closest repair facility and I understand fully , I turned this in to them with copies of the bill as they ask and got a notice they turned me down. Now i think the $900 was a fair price ive heard of some charging this for just a short pull. But anyway pay half the bill or what ever it would have cost to pull 4 or 5 miles anything would have helped. Very disappointed and Im sure when mine expires I will not be renewing it , and I will tell others of this also.

  6. Hello everyone, the wife and I are new members here, seems like a great group, we are in our fifties and are empty nesters and really enjoy RVing. My wife and I both come from RVing families so it's in our blood just carring on the tradition I guess. We really enjoy going to the beach so if we can find a campground on the beach we are there.

    We bought a older Safari Serengeti that's in good shape and it fits our needs perfectly. After starting with a tent then pop ups and travel trailers and 5th wheels, we really like the coach I think it gives you a lot more freedom, anyways just wanted to say hello and proud to be a member of this fine group.

    Hope to see you soon.

  7. I have a 96 safari Sarengeti on a Magnum Chassis that has this braking system on it, that I am currently replacing brake lines because of corrosion from being run on salt roads and the line blew out on me last week and I drove another 200 miles with half the brakes working. But it is a Bosch Hydro Max system and the bendx name is affiliated some how maybe they are same company? But you can find the parts online you can buy the motor seperate if need be. Just google Bosch Hydro-Max and you shall find.

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